NO MERCY>>No Mercy Fool - USA

Widespread Bloodshed Love Runs Red – 1987 - Suicidal


S= Infectious Groove, Los Cycos, Cyco Miko>>MIKE MUIR>>Infectious Groove, Los Cycos, Cyco Miko
G= Suicidal Tendencies>>MIKE CLARK>>Suicidal Tendencies, Great Gods of Greed, Waking The Dead
B= Suicidal Tendencies>>Ric Clayton>>Suicidal Tendencies
D= Los Cycos>>SAL TROY>>Los Cycos


This crossover side-project of Mike Clark of Suicidal Tendencies was founded in 1982 and issued several demos before appearing on the Welcome To Venice compilation alongside Excel, Suicidal Tendencies and others. The band’s early vocalist was Kevin Guercio. Bassist Louiche Mayorga (a.k.a. Luigi Mayorga) had soon joined the act. The release was on the band’s own Suicidal Records. The label issued the band’s sole record. A second was planned, but membership changed, the monicker changed and it all ground to a halt in 1988. The songs were moved over to Suicidal Tendencies. The band reformed as No Mercy Fool in 2000. Waking The Dead is a 2013 band that is considered the follow-up to No Mercy.



No Mercy