Preface – 1991 - Steamhammer
In the Know – 1992 - Steamhammer
It's A Wonderful Lie... – 1996 - Steamhammer


S= Dan Nastasi – Hades, Watch Tower>>ALAN TECCHIO>>Hades, Watch Tower, All Time Low, Power, Seven Witches, Autumn Hour
G= Mucky Pup>>Dan Nastasi>>Mucky Pup, Murphy’s Law, Dog Eat Dog - Hades>>DAN LORENZO>>Hades, Solo, The Cursed, Vessel Of Light
B= Syianic, System Addict>>Damon Trotta>>System Addict - KEVIN BOLEMBACH>>Hades, Seven Witches, Ross The Boss


This New Jersey-based band was founded in 1987 when Hades disbanded and lasted some eight years. Dan Lorenzo and Alan Tecchio were better known for the band Hades. Demo 1988 lead to a 1990 EP on the label of Glenn Evans of Nuclear Assault, Arena Records. The band utilized its demo tracks. Dan Nastasi left the act. The band opened for Manowar and Nuclear Assault. The band’s debut arrived on Steamhammer (Europe) and Grand Slamm/IRS (USA). The label had seen the band play at CBGB’s. In The Know was promoted with an appearance at the Foundations Forum in Los Angeles. A tour with Savatage and Overkill in Europe also followed. The band had little success and Lorenzo and Natasi reunited under the #9 monicker. The line-up didn’t last.

New Jersey's Non-Fiction was back for one show in 2009. The band was scheduled for a one-off reunion show for Saturday, November 7th at Dingbatz in Clifton, New Jersey. Dan Lorenzo had a weekly Internet radio show called F-Bombs For Everyone. It could be heard on Bionic Strigl Radio. Lorenzo is a right-wing Christian.