Honoris Causa - Τιμης Ενεκεν – 2008 - Under The Sign Of Garazel
Erga Omnes – 2012 – Deathrune

Nordor image
S= Lordwinter [Pantelis Daskalelos]
G= Goatvomit, Naissant>>FALSE PROPHET [PETER CHRISTOFORIDIS]>>Goatvomit, Naissant
B= The Antipope [Lefteris Gavalas]
D= Professor Snake – Bare Infinity, AmongRuins>>Lithras [George Tzitzifas]>>AmongRuins

This Athens-based death metal band has ostensibly been around since 1989, but there were many years of inactivity where the band was either in slumber or working as hard as Donald Trump (on the golf course). The early drummer was Gore who also sang for Horrified. 1991 brought Ceremony Of Demonic Brutality. 1993 brought an EP called His Fictitious Grandeur through Obscure Plasma. The band would comment that the label had ripped it off. 1997 brought The Semen Of Satan (possibly a reference to milk with hormones). The next ten years brought nothing (with the exception of a useless compilation). 2007 brought a demo called Mandattu. A Poland-based label signed the band and an album was issued in 2008. Bassist Unblessed blessed the band with his return to the fold in 2015. He was kicked out in 1993 and False Prophet had also picked up the bass. The band added female vocals and home cooking in 2015. The ‘death metal’ band told us that the said lady was soprano and likes jazz. The band was recording an album called Caedis and searching for a label in 2017.