21st Century Ballroom – 2001 – Hellion
Time To Wonder – 2005 - Hellion
Scratch The Surface – 2007 - Hellion
Shout to the Master – 2013 - Hellion


G= TORSTEN BUCZKO - Vice Versa>>Marc Trinkhaus
B= Mania, Mad Alien, Maison, Iron Angel>>DIDY MACKEL>>Iron Angel
D= Markus Köhn - Dream Warriors, Recklezz, Mortox, Skullcrusher, Decibel Zero>>Matthias Messfeldt>>Wolfgard, Black Hawk – MP, Jump>>MICHAEL LINK


The power metal band founded by the then-13-year-olds Torsten Buczko, Arnd Stronkowski (guitars) and Matthias Belter (bass) in Hamburg, West Germany in the summer of 1980. The BTO album from the ‘70s inspired the band’s name. There was a 1981 demo and the band began playing live in northern Germany. Belter left, but returned in 194. The band issued a demo called Big Brother Is Watching You in late 1983/early 1984. The group contributed to a compilation called Break Out - German Metal Tracks No. 1 on D&S Recording. A demo called Made Of Metal followed in 1985. The band had a MLP called Who Dares Wins in 1988. Then there was Lost In A Dream. With no deal in the bag, the band issued a demo called Hard To Be Alive in 1992. The band issued some old music and called it Lost In A Dream in 1993. The band persisted and issued a full-length called The Return in 1995. It was unclear to what the title referred. Another five years passed and Hellion records picked the band up. The band had a split single with Blazing Guns, but not much was transpiring. Rage drummer Mike Terrana sessioned for the band in 2004. The band appeared on stage as the opener for Exciter. So the band issued another CD on Hellion. Who Dares Wins was a 2009 sampler with old tracks and cover versions.



Not Fragile