Warhorns Of Midgard – 2011 – Black Bards
Age Of Pandora – 2014 – Trollzorn
The Sinner's Sake – 2016 – Metal Blade
Malady X – 2018 - Metal Blade


G= Wolfchant, Equilibrium>>DOM R. CREY>>Wolfchant, Equilibrium – Daniel – Wolfchant>>SKAAHL [MARIO LIEBL]>>Wolfchant
B= Wolfchant>>Viktor Sarolv>>Wolfchant – Knaat>>NICO KOLJA
D= Wolfchant>>Dominik Zeigler>>Wolfchant – Nebelkrähe, Reverend Hound, Amplified Memory>>FELIX INDRA>>Amplified Memory
K= Rosh [Patrick Roszko]


The act was founded under another monicker by singer and guitarist Dom R. Crey and the former drummer Toniin in 2008 and picked up its new monicker a year later. Toni was the drummer at this stage. The band claimed to be metal, but had a keyboardist. Lena was the name. A 2009 demo was called self-titled. The group stylized itself as pagan metal, but has drifted away from the image more rectnly. Before issuing Age Of Pandora the band played a ten-day long headliner tour through Spain and went on a European tour together with Equilibrium and Trollfest. The band announced a new bass player called Nico Kolja in June of 2015. The man replaced Vik S. The Germany-based death metal band signed with Metal Blade in April 2018. An album was due that year. Felix Indra was the new drummer. The group picked up management, namely Kharon Management. The band played at the Rockharz Open Air and Fest Evil Manrode 2018. The group announced an autumn tour with Omnium Gatherum and Wolfheart. Nothgard released a new album, called Malady X, through Metal Blade Records in late October.