Let Us Prey – 1988 – Cleopatra
No Gods – 2021 - Rockshots

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S= Mick Burnham – JAMES DAVIES
G= The Enseminoids, Hobbs Angel Of Death, Hatred>>Mark Woolley>>The Enseminoids, Hobbs Angel Of Death, Hatred, Torturer - Richard "Buddy" Snape>>Temujin – Taramis, Backwater, Solo, Vulvagun>>GEORGE LARIN>>Taramis, Backwater, Solo, Vulvagun – Captain Trips>>STUART BEDFORD>>Captain Trips
B= Temujin, Non Compos Mentis, Hobbs Angel Of Death>>KARL LEAN>>Temujin, Non Compos Mentis, Hobbs Angel Of Death
D= Depression, Non Compos Mentis, Hobbs Angel Of Death, Long Voyage Back>>SHAM LITTLEMAN>>Depression, Non Compos Mentis, Hobbs Angel Of Death, Long Voyage Back

This power metal group was founded in Melbourne in 1983 after disposing of a couple of other monickers. The Live and Deathwish demos came in 1985. The band disbanded in 1989, reappeared and then regrouped in 2015. Only Sham and Karl were left. Mick had rejoined in 2012, but didn’t last. Nothing Sacred performed a series of 30th anniversary shows with Ross Percy (Ion Drive and Little House Godz) joining George Larin on guitar that included a support slot for the ex-Iron Maiden vocalists Paul Di'Anno/Blaze Bayley Australian tour all in 2012. Chris Stark was the name of the new singer in 2015. The group played at Melbourne's Brewtality Metal Festival. Most of the members were tourists in Hobbs Angel Of Death. James Davies became the singer in 2020. A new album emerged in 2021.

The 1985 demo was called Live. The band also issued a MLP called Deathwish. The Deathwish/Let Us Prey compilation was issued years later.



Nothing Sacred