Bride Of Insect – 1990 – Wild Rags
Carrion For Worm – 1991 – Wild Rags

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S= Purple Tomato>>LORI BRAVO>>Purple Tomato, Raped
G= Phil Hampson>>Eroticide, Whorror, Feral Viscera
B= Purple Tomato>>LORI BRAVO>>Purple Tomato, Raped
D= Joel Whitfield>>Eroticide, Psychic Pawn, Eroticide, Motive - Demon Cubes>>Steve Cowan

The extreme and grindcore band was founded by Chicago native Lori Bravo and her man Phil Hampson in Phoenix, Arizona in 1986. The demos began flowing and had titles like Wake Me When I'm Dead, Welcome To The Minds Of The Morbid and A Symphony Of Agony. It was unclear whether the primitive covers were intentional or due to a lack of skills. The band had a good relationship with Wild Rags label/store of California and its album was issued through the label. Whitfield left in 1990. Hampson and Bravo ended their personal and professional relationships in 1992. Chris Reifert of Autopsy was a guest singer on Carrion For Worm. With Wild Rags going the way of VHS cassettes, the band issued All Creatures Great And Eaten (1992), The Planet Cachexial (1996) and Harmony Drinks Of Me (2000) through its Cat’s Meow imprint. This last record was a Lori Bravo solo project and not extreme metal any longer. The Crypt reissued the band’s first two records and demos in 2014.

Bravo was a stripper. She considered herself a visual artist.



Nuclear Death