Obora – 2008 – Mad Lion
Koryto – 2011 – Mad Lion
Chlew – 2015 – Mad Lion

Nuclear Vomit image
S= Crucifire Moon, Ulcer Uterus, Hetzer, Epitome, Call Ov Unearthly, Mayzel, Underule>>ULCER [KAROL CIEŚLIK]>>Ulcer Uterus, Hetzer, Epitome, Call Ov Unearthly, Mayzel, Underule – Infatuation Of Death, Ulcer Uterus, Dira Mortis, Xaoz, Epitome>>VAGINATHOR [ŁUKASZ GLIŃSKI]>>Infatuation Of Death, Ulcer Uterus, Dira Mortis, Xaoz, Epitome
B= Infatuation Of Death>>Faja RottenVaginalTormentor [Mariusz Gliński]>>Infatuation Of Death, Ulcer Uterus
D= PathologicalAnnihilator – Incinerate Infection, Morowe, Bottlekopf>>Baron Von B. [Mariusz Pawłowski]>>Incinerate Infection, Bottlekopf, Morowe, Infatuation Of Death - Mental Execution, Depopulate, Fetor, Banisher, Darzamat>>JACEK GUT>>Depopulate, Fetor, Banisher, Darzamat

This grindcore band was founded in Czestochowa by Grendalf, Perkinz (aka Terrorvomitseparathor), Necrogoredevastator and Prezes (aka Pathologicalannihilator) in 2005. After a few months Grendalf was replaced by Ulcer. The band’s monicker may have hinted at McDonalds as a whole, but the demo title was more specific about the Big Mac sauce. The demo cover showed the audience where McDonalds milk (if they have such a thing) comes from. Mad lion signed the band, which did not give up on its fast food themes. Here the band introduced us to the novel and fantastic topic of “anal cock.” Let It Bleed Records placed the band on a split release in 2013. Faja decided to stop playing music in January of 2018 and became a band manager. Nelek (FAM and Squash Bowels) became the new bass player. Singer Ojciec has accompanied the band on stage.

The members like to be in multiple bands and also with each other. The group maintains two vocalists, but one guitarist. The band has called its style Anal Fisting Grind Gore.



Nuclear Vomit