Death Sentence>>NUNSLAUGHTER - USA

Hells Unholy Fire – 2000 - Revenge
One Night In Hell – 2001 – Iron Bonehead
Radio Damnation – 2001 – Brabarian Wrath
Devil Metal – 2001 – Hell Attacks
Hell On Austria – 2003 - Agonia
Goat – 2003 - Revenge
Hex - 2007 – Hells Headbangers
Radical Rapture Ruptures – 2007 - HMSS
An Evening At War – 2007 – Hells Headbangers
Club Cobra Control – 2009 – HMSS
Satanic Slut Spawns – 2009 – HMSS
Metal Assault On Melbourne & Brisbane – 2009 – Hells Headbangers
Raid The Country Star – 2009 – War Kommand
Live Devils In The City Of Angels – 2010 – Assaulter
Raped By Hungarianuns – 2011 – Stygian
Desecration Over Sabahells – 2012 – Derangement Project
The Danish Murders – 2012 – Southamerican Holocaust
Possessed By Death Metal – 2013 - Southamerican Holocaust
Live In Clifton New Jersey – 2013 - Ablaze
Live At Lucifer's Hammer – 2013 – Hoth
Hells Filth – 2014 – Witch Sermon
Condemned To Hellsinki – 2014 - Hoth
Live, Finland July 6th 2007 – 2014 - Ruptura
Angelic Dread – 2014 – Hells Headbangers
See You In Fucking Hell – 2014 – Southamerican Holocaust
Live Annaberg-Buchholz – 2014 – World War Now
Burnt Ramen – 2015 - Roth
Tales Of Goats And Ghouls – 2015 - Ablaze
Hell On Italy - Live In Brescia – 2016 – Terror From Hell
Thunders Over Miriquadi – 2016 - Hoth
Gruesome – 2016 - Hoth
Murder Is Easy – 2017 - Hoth
Black Mass In Hells Headbash – 2017 – Southamerican Holocaust
Hell In Cali – 2017 – Hells Headbangers
Smell The Rot – 2018 – Hells Headbangers
Red Is The Color of Ripping Death – 2021 – Hells Headbangers

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S= Tondra, Born From Fear, Nighnacht>>DON OF THE DEAD [DONALD CROTSLEY]>>Tondra, Born From Fear, Nighnacht

This black metal act came together under another name in 1985 and picked up its new monicker two years later. The group’s mainstay is Don Of The Dead. Founders were Don Of The Dead, Gregoroth (vocals), Jer The Butcher (guitar) and Behemoth Bill (drums). Other members have come. Other members have gone. Long time drummer Sadist died due to a stroke in 2015 and the band issued The Last Show With Sadist 7” in 2017. It was recorded in New York City. The band has existed since, and competes with Iron Maiden, Nuclear Assault, Deep Purple and Abigail for number of live records, but has as much profile and sales as a Ford SUV in downtown Tokyo. The group has a fixation on blasphemy, goats, nuns and a weekly release schedule. The band has used stage props such a dead nun and occasionally includes dead animals in its presentation.

The band’s first demo was 1987’s Ritual Of Darkness. Then came The Rotting Christ, a single called Killed By The Cross and more demos like Impale The Soul Of Christ On The Inverted Cross Of Death, Face Of Evil and Evil Speaks. All these demos are re-released by various labels by now. The band simultaneously began the habit of issuing a slew of split records. A full-length only appeared in the year 2000 featuring a very daper goat of mendes on the cover. This album, Hells Unholy Fire, was originally announced to be released on Repulse Records. The group toured Europe for the first time in 2001. As the band continued to release splits, EPs, Demos and love records, videos were soon added to the repertoire. There also has been a slew of Nunslaughter cover versions and a covers’ album of bands playing the group’s music. The group had had four full-length studio albums, Hells Unholy Fire, Goat, Hex and Angelic Dread. Sathanas and the band toured Europe in 2009. Red Is The Color of Ripping Death was preceded by an EP called Black Death Phantom.


Nunslaughter has been dreaming of raping sweet, cute nuns since forever, but if you are new to the band’s convent then the best way to describe the band is to point to a (inverted) cross between early Death, Kreator and Atomkraft. The music is actually minimalist sticking to the meat and potato of the death metal genre. The lack of leads, breaks or really fast parts is balanced through titles like Sacrificial Zombie, Raid The Convent (brilliant!), Satanic Slut, Jesus Is Doomed (an exceptionally short and fast song) and the accompanying lyrics. It must be a real drag for these guys to live in such a Christian society as America. At least, the country is delightfully Satanic in practice with all the raping and ravaging it does so that should make up for all the pious rhetoric. Regardless, this is basic guttural death metal with no regard for the masses. It is just that my favourite song turned out to be Preacher, which happens to be a Running Wild track! - Ali “The Metallian”

This is a short four-track disc featuring a Turkish and an American band sharing the disc equally. The music is great and worth hearing for underground black/death metal bands, but the release has more value than the music alone.
Musically, the Turkish duo specializes in the type of pounding death that fans of Asphyx or Autopsy likely enjoy. The deep growls sit atop of a ritualistic battering ram. The band does speed up on Necro Future, which sounds promising. Nunslaughter picks up the speed on its Fuck The Bastard track. The vocals are hoarse and bestial. Satanic Slut ends the album with a track Nunslaughter fans have surely heard before by now. The riffing is superior and has a crushing blow to it. Too bad about the drum production however.
The album’s insert features lyrics by Nunslaughter, but none by Hatevömit. It is not that the Turks are worried about offending that country’s religious government or sensibilities. Look at the drenched in red cover artwork. It features two Baphometic goats – one representing Hatevömit and the other Nunslaugther – with knives to the throats of a Christian monk and a Muslim Imam.
This cannot end well, after all it is a necro future, but then again it might. To verify hit replay on the CD player. – Ali “The Metallian”