Live In Pforzheim – 1995 - Axioma
Live – Merksplas – 1995 - Obliteration
War Criminal Views – 1996 - Morbid
Insects – 2000 - Morbid

S= Stephen Wilkenson – Absurter Cryst, Blood, Naked Whipper>>Alex Schulze>>Naked Whipper - Zimbo [Christian Zimmermann]
G= Blood>>Ruben Funk - Christophe Klimmer>>Massdisorder, Stack, Black Shape Of Nexus - MARKUS ‘MASTIUS’ BUGERT – Terteros>>Martin Hub>>Gun Mob
D= Mad Evil>>TOM WILL

This Germany-based grindcore band existed in the central German industrial town of Mannheim between September 1992 and May 2010. Guitarist Chris and bassist Markus (a law student) found drummer Tom who was a travel agent. The members were fed up with the instability of their previous acts, loss of rehearsal space and stolen equipment. Tom brought in Stephen, his old band-mate. Tom suggested the band’s monicker. Not everyone was enthused as other bands with similar names existed and the group felt it was too evil. The band’s first show was in April 1993 alongside Agathocles, Mangled Torsos and Mandamus. The band was first heard on a record through a 1994 split with Agathocles called Live In Mannheim. Lull Records issued this single. The Nyctophobic side was recorded in December of 1993. The 7” EP Negligenced Respect followed by a few days. The band disliked this release, its sound and the songs almost immediately. The group disbanded in June 1994 tired of conflict and flaky members, but reconsidered and returned two weeks later. Martin Hub was added at this juncture. The man had played with the band for its first two concerts. Alexander Schulze was brought in. He was a sub at first. The band travelled south two hours to put together Live In Pforzheim. Fur Hurts was a split with Entrails Massacre. The band landed on Berlin-based Morbid Records and issued its debut studio album in 1996. Alex and guitarist had left in December 1995. Nyctophobic toured with Exhumed and Hemdale. Only the group’s rhythm section had survived by now. Then came several more split records before the band’s second studio album. Grind Over Europe 3 featured Nyctophobic, Haemorrhage, Agathocles and Total Fucking Destruction. Khaaranus Productions issued a compilation called Blast From The Past in 2006. Vocalist Zimbo left in 2007. Peter Rummel was his replacement. Peter and Tom used to be in Mad Evil.

Nyctophobic means ‘fear of the dark’.


Following four years of virtual silence, German grinders Nyctophobic (fear of the dark) have followed up their War Criminal Views album with an album sporting 17 pure play grindcore tracks which pays homage to Napalm Death, Agathocles and the like. While there are more hardcore-defined passages throughout songs like They, Co(g)-existence and Taught to Fear play from the point of view that we have nothing to lose by applying pedal to the metal (grind).I could have certainly done without the redundant Black Sabbath cover 'version' but those familiar with the band have nothing to worry about here. - Ali "The Metallian"