Betwixt And Between – 2007 - Forest Moon Special
Echtra – 2011 - Forest Moon Special

Oakhelm image
S= Folkearth, Wormwood, Black Queen>>PETE JAY>>Folkearth, Wormwood, Black Queen

G= Fall Of The Bastards>>DONALD STANLEY – Fall Of The Bastards, Aldebaran, Ardour Loom, Ealdath>>KODY KEYWORTH>>Aldebaran, Ardour Loom, Ealdath, Wolves In The Throne Room

B= Assück, Folkearth, Black Queen>>PETE JAY>>Folkearth, Black Queen

D= Fall Of The Bastards, Ashtaroth, Folkearth, Knelt Rote>>ELIAS BLOCH>>Ashtaroth, Folkearth, Knelt Rote, Litrosis, Diseased Reason

History & Biography
The band was founded by Fall Of The Bastards members in 2005 and issued a two-song demo in 2006. This lead to an album called Betwixt And Between in 2007. The second album of the folk metal band was completed in late 2009 and was due in 2010. It was out over a year later. The band split up in 2011. The members were dispersed and busy elsewhere.

The lyrics are inspired by Celtic and shamanic fables.