Perpetual Decay – 2007 – Tyrant Syndicate
Nekropsalms – 2009 - Fysisk Format
Black Death Horizon – 2013 - Indie

S= Nekromantheon>>SINDRE SOLEM>>Nekromantheon
G= Nekromantheon, Black Viper>>ARILD MYREN TORP>>Nekromantheon, Black Viper - SINDRE SOLEM
B= Dead Trooper, Altaar>>DIDRIK TELLE>>Dead Trooper, Altaar
D= Spectral Haze, Black Magic, Void Eater>>KRISTIAN VALBO>>Spectral Haze, Black Magic, Void Eater

The band was called UFF between 2001 and 2003. The group was a punk one to start. The band had a demo called Demo 2004. Sounds Of Unity issued a 7” single called Total Fucking Obliteration. The band hails from the same town as Darkthrone. Tyrant Syndicate was run by Nocturno of Darkthrone. The band toured Europe and played at festivals like Hole In The Sky (not for the first time) and Maryland Deathfest in the USA following Nekropsalms. Ramesses and the band toured the UK earlier using the Brutalizing Britain monicker. Diskord, Obliteration, Lobotomized and Execration were on a split 7” in 2010. Black Death Horizon was released by Relapse in the USA.