Blood Chasm>>OBSCENE - USA

Obscene image
S= Tunguska, Chinaski>>KYLE SHAW>>Chinaski
G= Summon The Destroyer, Years Of Desolation, Photian Schism>>JOSH KAPPEL>>Years Of Desolation, Photian Schism – Christ Beheaded, Demiricous, Summon The Destroyer>>MIKE MORGAN>>Christ Beheaded, Demiricous, Summon The Destroyer
B= Tunguska, Chinaski, Kvlthammer, Black Goat Of The Woods>>RON HAYES
D= Vires, Primordium, Ventality, Summon The Destroyer, Acheron>>BRANDON HOWE>>Ventality, Summon The Destroyer, Acheron

Obscene’s Sermon To The Snake album was out through Horror Pain Gore Death at the beginning of 2018. It was the band’s debut EP. The group started the time-honoured habit of shaking off members. The band had existed for a year under another monicker.