Blood Chasm>>OBSCENE - USA

Obscene image
S= Tunguska, Chinaski>>KYLE SHAW>>Chinaski

G= Summon The Destroyer, Years Of Desolation, Photian Schism>>JOSH KAPPEL>>Years Of Desolation, Photian Schism – Christ Beheaded, Demiricous, Summon The Destroyer>>MIKE MORGAN>>Christ Beheaded, Demiricous, Summon The Destroyer

B= Tunguska, Chinaski, Kvlthammer, Black Goat Of The Woods>>RON HAYES

D= Vires, Primordium, Ventality, Summon The Destroyer, Acheron>>BRANDON HOWE>>Ventality, Summon The Destroyer, Acheron

History & Biography
Obscene’s Sermon To The Snake album was out through Horror Pain Gore Death at the beginning of 2018. It was the band’s debut EP. The group started the time-honoured habit of shaking off members. The band had existed for a year under another monicker.