Damnations Pride – 1998 - Scarlet

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G= Psycho Void, Redrvm, S.K.U.R.K., Flegma>>JÖRGEN LINDHE>>S.K.U.R.K., Redrvm, Flegma – Twilight, Beyond Twilight>>JANNE JOHANSSON>>Twilight, Beyond Twilight

B= Damnations Pride>>DANIEL VALA>>Damnations Pride

D= Flegma, Redrvm, S.K.U.R.K.>>MARTIN BRORSSON>>S.K.U.R.K., Flegma, Redrvm

History & Biography
There were as many Obscurities on the metal scene as there were fat globules at a McDonalds. This Malmö-based act was one of the earlier ones having formed in 1986 and disbanding in 1988 before returning in 1992 and again in 2006 (bagging groceries at supermarkets does not pay enough it seems). Vala had come up with the name. The 1986 demo, Ovations To Death, was later pressed as a 7” EP. Lindhe and Janne played drums on the tape yet gave credit to Marre. Ditto for the 1987 demo, Damnations Pride. The act had not graced the stage to that day. Demo 1992 featured a new logo reminiscent of the logo of Possessed. Scarlet records placed everything on a release again called Damnations Pride. The band posted a track called Across The Holocaust in 2011.

Vala did the band’s artwork and would later contribute cover art to the likes of Marduk.


Courtesy of the new Necropolis licensing deal with Scarlet and Black Sun here comes a CD originally released circa 1985 to complete inattention. Seemingly, now with the reunion of the band and the imminent release of a new album, the label has CDified this album and released it to the masses (or the last 500 people who care about the metal underground). Titles like Fallen Arches and in the Watches of the Night might give you other ideas, but make no mistake; these Swedes are a bunch of Venom clones. In fact, Venom officially named them 'Venom ambassadors to Sweden' in 1986 (just kidding), but there isn't much here that wasn't done in a better fashion on At War With Satan or the much (wrongly) maligned Possessed album from venom. - Ali "The Metallian"