Morbid Illusion>>Curse>>OBSECRATION - GREECE

The Inheritors Of Pain – 1996 - Hammerheart
Oceanum Oblivione – 2000 – In Vision Musik!
Sins Of The Flesh – 2002 – Sleaszy Rider
Seeds Of A Pervert God – 2006 - O.B.S.E.
The Art Of Butchery – 2009 - O.B.S.E.
Into The Bloodemonium – 2013 - O.B.S.E.

Obsecration image
S= Parakmi, Terra Tenebrae, Dead Dawn Rising, Desolation, In Utero Cannibalism>>COSTAS "DEAD" VASILAKAKIS>>Terra Tenebrae, Dead Dawn Rising, Desolation, In Utero Cannibalism
G= Epidemic>>Billy>>Epidemic – Nightfall, Sickening Horror>>George B.>>Nightfall, Sickening Horror, Rotting Christ, Stone Cold Dead - Spyros Triantafyllou>>Dying Race, Soulskinner - Lord Abortion, Unholy Ritual, Gospel Of Grief>>ALEX Z.>>Lord Abortion, Unholy Ritual, Gospel Of Grief – Ethereal, Bathomet>>Chris Asiminas>>Desolation
B= Spyros Triantafyllou>>Dying Race, Soulskinner - In Utero Cannibalism>>Apollyon Von Graphomet>>In Utero Cannibalism - Mortuus Caelum, Diabolical Principles, Unholy Ritual, Aherusia>>JIM CH.>>Mortuus Caelum, Diabolical Principles, Unholy Ritual, Aherusia
D= Paul L. – Flames>>Alex K.>>Desolation – Desolation, Soulskinner>>Alex K.>>Desolation, Soulskinner - Sad, Insidius Infernus, Nargothrond, Slaughtered Priest, Necrohell, Kvele, Necrochakal, Anti-Flesh>>UNGOD>>Sad, Slaughtered Priest, Necrohell, Kvele, Anti-Flesh
K= John Logaras

This Athens, Greece-based band held other monickers for about a year before becoming Obsecration. Drummer Jim and singer Dead – both of Parakmi – formed the act. Early demos were Petrified Remains, The Mourning Of The Ghoul and Horror In A Gothic Genre's Grave (Live). The band played its first gig at the 10 Days Of Molon Lave Records festival at Rodon Club. Molon Lave issued the 1993 7” Oblivious... Hammerheart signed the band and issued The Inheritors Of Pain. More demos followed. Many more demos followed. The Offsprings' Rebirth was again a live demo. The band continued its tradition of signing with fledgling labels, lasting one album and issuing several more demos. O.B.S.E. is owned by Dead of the band. The act played at a Sleaszy Rider festival in 2003. The group also played at Golden R Festival. The band opened for Suffocation in 2007. The group has settled on issuing split records with the likes of Soulskinner, Putrefied Remains, Slaughtered Priest and Nethescerial.

Members have come and members have gone and half of them due to the Greek military draft.

Obsecration means ‘pleading.’