Autumnal Winds>>OBSEQUIAE - USA

Suspended In The Brume Of Eos – 2011 – Bindrune
Aria Of Vernal Tombs – 2015 – 20 Buck Spin

S= Celestiial>>TANNER ANDERSON>>Celestiial
G= Azrael, Celestiial>>TANNER ANDERSON>>Celestiial
B= Neidhart Von Reuental – Azrael, Celestiial>>TANNER ANDERSON>>Celestiial
D= Book Of Sand, Ulkum>>Neidhart Von Reuental>>Book Of Sand, Ulkum Feral Light – Dethroned, Harvist, Angelrust, Dofka, Infirmary, Coldfells, Nechochwen, Silverblood, Unwilling Flesh, Zom, Icarus Witch>>ANDREW DELLA CAGNA>>Infirmary, Coldfells, Nechochwen, Silverblood, Unwilling Flesh, Zom, Icarus Witch

The band existed as Autumnal Winds between 1998 and 2005. That band’s run of annual demos ended and the new act issued its self-titled demo in 2009. The debut album came in 2011. Bassist and drummer Neidhart Von Reuental left. Vicente La Camera Mariño plays harp. The group used multiple concert musicians. Celestiial signed with Bindrune and then Anderson’s Obsequiae did the same. The Minnesota-based medieval metal outfit was issuing its album Aria Of Vernal Tombs through 20 Buck Spin in June 2015.

Obsequiae is Latin for ‘collective funerary rites.'