Scarred For Life – 1986 – Enigma
Methods Of Madness – 1987 – Enigma
Carnival Of Lies – 2006 – Metal Mayhem
Order Of Chaos – 2012 – Inner Wound

Obsession image
MVP, Loudness, Yngwie Malmsteen, The Reign Of Terror, Palace Of Black, Killing Machine>>MICHAEL VESCERA>>MVP, Loudness, Yngwie Malmsteen, Roland Grapow, Safe Haven, Solo, Fatal Force, The Reign Of Terror, Palace Of Black, Sovereign, Animetal USA, Deathkeepers, Killing Machine

Art Maco - Bruce Vitale - X Factor X, House Of Lords, Eddie Ojeda>>Chris McCarvill>>X Factor X, Eddie Ojeda, Dokken - Michael Vescera, X Factor X>>JOHN BRUNO>>Michael Vescera, X Factor X - SCOTT BOLAND

Matt Karagus - Symphony Of Malice, Enemy Remains>>JEFF CURTISS>>Enemy Remains

Jay Mezias - Jay Mezias – Driver, Thunderhead, House Of Lords, Maxx Explosion>>B.J. Zampa>>Driver, Thunderhead, House Of Lords, Maxx Explosion - End-Time Illusion, Guerra>>IOANNIS "YANNI" SOFIANOS>>End-Time Illusion, Guerra

History & Biography
There are as many Obsessions out there on the metal scene as there are Armageddons, Massacres and Requiems. This one was founded by Vescera and Vitale in 1982, split up in 1989 and inevitably grew tired of working at Mcjobs and returned in 2004. Singer Michael Vescera went off to attempt to replace Minoru Niihara in Loudness in Japan before himself being turfed. Loudness were looking for a bigger commercial break in the USA. They sold even less albums. Vescera again repeated the pattern singing for Yngwie Malmsteen as a contractor. He became a nomadic session singer for-hire over the years. The band was heard on a couple of Metal Blade compilations including through the song Shadows Of Steel on Metal Massacre II in 1982. The 1983 demo was followed by the Marshall Law EP of 1983, which paid tribute to a brand of amplifiers. A 1986 demo lead to the debut album. A split with Ottawa, Canada’s Witchkiller preceded the disbandment. Jay and Art had taken off due to musical differences. Nonetheless, the band was heard on Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III. The 2006 return album included several older tracks. The reformation featured old members Jay Mezias and Vescera. Ioannis "Yanni" Sofianos joined in 2014. Singers Udo Dirkschneider, Tim "Ripper" Owens, Michael Vescera and Blaze Bayley completed an eight-show South American tour using the Metal Singers monicker in 2015. Inner Wound reissued the band’s first three records in 2017.