Centuries Of Sorrow – 1995 - Effigy
Witchcraft – 1997 – Wounded Love/Avantgarde
Soulblight – 1998 – Napalm
The Shepherd And The Hounds Of Hell – 2000 - Napalm

Obtained Enslavement image
S= Gorgoroth, Blood Stained Dusk>>PEST [THOMAS KRONENES]>>Gorgoroth, Blood Stained Dusk, Octagon

G= HEKS [HEINE SALBU] – Aeternus>>DØDEN [OVE SÆBØ]>>Aeternus

B= Malignant Eternal>>Tortur [Ole J. G. Hansen] – Apoplexy, Gorgoroth, Malignant Eternal>>T-Reaper [Torgrim Øyre]>>Malignant Eternal, Gorgoroth


K= Aeternus>>Morrigan [Nicola Trier]>>Aeternus – HEKS [HEINE SALBU]

History & Biography
The story of the band is one of those, which started activity as a death metal band amidst the style’s boom in 1989 and switched over to keyboard-laden music a la Emperor with the advent of more commercial music. The group disbanded in 2000 and ended up being more known for the members it contributed elsewhere than what it released.

A self-titled demo tape was issued in 1992. The Out Of The Crypts demo followed in the year of 1993. The black/death debut arrived the year after. It was initially nothing but a demo that was re-released every couple of years by labels like Elegy, Vic and others. The proper debut album was issued in 1997.

Obtained Enslavement was formed by Pest, Døden, and Torquemada. Pest filled in on bass as necessary. Morrigan was the female synth player. Erik "Grim" Brødreskift was a guest drummer.



Obtained Enslavement