The Callous Concept – 1997 - Damnation
Abode Of The Departed Souls – 2014 - Vic

S= Phlebotomized>>Lawrence Payne>>Phlebotomized, Illume-A-Nation, Even Vast - Arminius>>ANTON VISSER
G= LUC VAN RAVELS - Frank Dronkers - The Nefarious Integration, Reign Of War, Sick Of Stupidity>>BRUNO BAKKER>>The Nefarious Integration, Reign Of War, Sick Of Stupidity
B= Frank Dronkers - JAY DIJKSTRA
D= Martin Steigenga

Malfeidor was the name between 1989 and 1990. The new monicker issued the Sanctum's Disruption (1991) and Sphere Of The Rotting (1992) demos. The Rotterdam-based group appeared on the No Control About Your Feelings sampler in 1992. The band played a couple of shows in Sicily. It took several years but the Dutch Damnation label picked the band up. The band went into hiding until 2014. A demo, called 40 Days Of Butchering , was never released as the band was dissatisfied with its sound. Martin Steigenga died in 2017. The band’s demos were compiled and issued as Sanctum Disruption, Sphere Of The Rotting in 2018.

The band almost hires any bassist in The Netherlands it can find. It specializes in speedy death metal. Obtruncation means to behead.