Prepárate – 1981 - Chapa Discos
Poderoso Como El Trueno – 1982 - Chapa Discos
El Que Más – 1984 - Chapa Discos
Pega Con Fuerza – 1985 – Chapa Discos
Dejarse La Piel – 1986 - Chapa Discos
En Directo 21-2-87 – 1987 - Chapa Discos
Otra Vez En La Ruta – 1990 – Avispa
Desde El Fondo Del Abismo – 2000 - Boa
Segundos Fuera – 2003 – Rimer Rock
Cállate! – 2010 - Peermusic
De Madrid Al Infierno – 2012 - Warner

S= Union Pacific, Saratoga>>FORTU SÁNCHEZ>>Saratoga
G= Madrid 20, Red Box>>PACO LAGUNA
B= Akelarre, Ilusion, Madrid 20, Red Box, Santa, Venganza>>Juan Luis Serrano>>Santa, Venganza – Manzano, Barón Rojo, O'Funkillo>>Pepe Bao>>O'Funkillo, Solo - FERNANDO MONTESINOS
D= Santa, Venganza>>Fernando Sánchez>>Santa, Venganza - CARLOS MIRAT

Madrid-based hard rock and heavy metal band Obus was founded by Juan Luis Serrano and Francisco Laguna (both formerly of Red Box or Madrid 20) in 1980, skipped most of the ‘90s, as always returned and continued on. The band had a single and compilation appearance to herald its debut, Prepárate. The group appeared on the Especial Heavy compilation with Leno and Baron Rojo in 1982. Especial Heavy (II) appeared in 1984. El Que Mas featured a song written by Adrian Smith and was engineered by Mark Dodson who had worked with Judas Priest. The band picked up on the trends of the day and emphasized a less metal image and a more glam look. Live 21.02.1987 was a double album recorded in Madrid. The band was playing arenas in its native country at this stage. Juan Luis Serrano left in 2004. Fernando Sánchez left due to illness in 2008. The group toured South America in 2009. The band conducted a thirtieth-anniversary tour in Spain in 2012. A compilation of early material was called Sirena De metal and issued in 2014.

The group’s advancement was limited by its use of Spanish.