God’s Clown – 1977 - Crypto
Ocean – 1980 – Barclay
A Live +B – 1980– Barclay
Ocean – 1981 – Barclay

Ocean image
S= Stratageme>>Robert Belmonte

G= Gavroche>>Georges Bodossian

B= Reaction>>Noel Alberola

D= Bernard Leroy – Ange>>Jean-Pierre Guichard - Edition Speciale>>Alain Gouillard

History & Biography
The band was formed by guitarist Bodossian in Paris in 1974. The band’s name was inspired by Yes’ Tales From Topographic Oceans. Several members came and went, but the line-up stabilized with Belmonte on vocals, drummer Bernard Leroy (who was replaced by Jean-Pierre Guichard of Ange) and Alberola on bass. The group was compared to Led Zeppelin. The band’s new line-up opened for AC/DC in France as part of the Highway To Hell tour. The band opened for Iron Maiden in France in 1981. Thereafter the next album, again simply called Ocean, was issued. The group disbanded in 1982 after Barclay drops the band and Bodossian left, but issued a compilation called 16 Hits. The group returned with a new line-up in 1983 and opened for Samson. Belmonte died in 2004 due to a stroke and new songs and a planned recording session are abandoned. Bodossian brought the band back in 2009. Stef Reb (ex-Trente) was on vocals. Marcel Chiaruttani of Stratageme is on bass. The group continued to play live. C’est La Fin was the end (again) and a 2016 compilation.