Artisans Of Cruelty – 2005 – Autopsy Kitchen
Death Fetish – 2007 - Regimental

Octagon image
T. MORTIGAN – Obtained Enslavement, Gorgoroth>>PEST [THOMAS KRONENES]

Valefor>>T. MORTIGAN>>Valefor

Valefor>>T. MORTIGAN>>Valefor

Moon Ar>>Krimson - Entrapment, Apocryph, Blood Stained Desk, Haxxain, Wormreich>>PROFANA [CHRISTOPHER PEZZANO]>>Apocryph, Blood Stained Desk, Haxxain, Wormreich

History & Biography
This black/thrash band with an S&M image was founded in the American Bible belt as early as 1994. Several demos came and went, but the band’s debut was issued in 2005 and was called Artisans Of Cruelty. The band was T. Mortigan and Krimson. An album called The Truest Offensive Gesture was shelved two years earlier. Death Fetish was according to the grapevine the earlier recording. The Lesion Kult was a 2011 EP. A 2017 cassette demo was the first sign of life in years and was entitled Sigils Of Ram. Pest had surprisingly joined the band.

Thomas Mortigan ran Destructive Industries. Octagon was also the title of Bathory’s 1995 album.


The duo of Octagon, which is based out of Alabama of all places, was due to issue a debut album called The Truest Offensive Gesture through another label two years ago before shelving those plans and instead issuing this CD through Autopsy Kitchen. The band - singer, guitarist and bassist Mortigan and drummer Krimson - gives the impression that it happens to be more technical and avant-garde than it is, but the act nevertheless is a noisy extreme metal band specializing in S&M imagery, lyrics and entertainment. On a musical level, Octagon touches upon acts like Darkthrone, Blasphemy and Carpathian Forest (sorry, no Bathory!), complete with a noisy production that smacks as much of death metal as static, while the screamed vocals utter average lyrics dealing with sadism and masochism. The lyrics could be better because lines like “The smell of leather keeps us together” are hardly exquisite, although it could be said that it is better than grammatically wrong ones like “Who’s throat is just outta my reach”. On the other hand, not many Americans might notice the grammatical mistakes anyway.
The song Psychotic Erotic has a main riff lifted off an old death metal tune whose name is just not coming to me no matter what; otherwise songs like Teachings In Cruelty, Black Leather Mask and The Error That You Are represent abrasive metal with an uncommon and unusual twist. - Ali “The Metallian”