The Fire Awaits You – 1997 – R.I.P.
Meet Thy Maker – 1999 - R.I.P.
Stagefright – 2003 – Thrash Corner
No Survivors – 2005 - Thrash Corner
Bury The Hatchet – 2014 – Hells Headbangers

October 31 image
G= Cryptameria>>Kevin Lewis>>Cryptameria, Overlord - Hellstorm's Hell On Earth, Burning Shadows, Relentless>>MATT IBACH - Hellstorm's Hell On Earth, Obey Bizar, Final Sign, K-Octave>>BRIAN "HELLSTORM" WILLIAMS>>Hellstorm's Hell On Earth, Obey Bizar, Final Sign, K-Octave
B= Lord Vicar, Revelation, Twisted Tower Dire, Final Sign, While Heaven Wept, Walpyrgus>>JIM HUNTER>>Lord Vicar, Revelation Twisted Tower Dire, Final Sign, While Heaven Wept, Walpyrgus
D= Deceased, Abominog, Doomstone>>King Fowley [Kingsley Eldon Fowley]>>Deceased, Doomstone – Deceased>>Dave "Scarface" Castillo>>Deceased - Sloth Herder>>SEAN WILHIDE>>Sloth Herder

Presumably called October 31 because the Halloween monicker was aready taken, October 31 is the side-project of Deceased’s King Fowley where he performs heavy metal since 1995.

The band’s debut release was the demo Voyage To Infinity from 1996. Jim Hunter joined and replaced Casey Sayles. The band’s debut was called The Fire Awaits You and arrived in 1997. Fowley’s Old Metal Records issued the 1998 EP Visions Of The End. It was back to R.I.P. for the sophomore full-length. Guitarist Kevin Lewis left in 2000. Dave "Scarface" Castillo left in 2001, returned a year later and definitely left in 2008. King Fowley gave up the drums in 2002 and took over the vocals instead. He took over from Twisted Tower Dire’s Tony Taylor (who died in 2009) who stayed with the band for just over a year. His predecessor Shawn Pelata stayed with the band for three months so that was an improvement. Stagefright was recorded in Ohio, USA in 2002. Fowley was taken ill and cancelled all activity in that year. He had blood clots and a stroke, which as mentioned lead him to give up the drums. The band recorded a new demo in 2003, which preceded No Survivors. Two cover versions adorned the Red Hot 7”. Hells Headbangers picked up the band and issued the Gone To The Devil single in 2013. Hells Headbangers issued Metal Massacre 31 in 2016. A 2014 box set was named Bag Of Treats. The album was full of tracks from Metal Blade’s famous compilation series. It was not the first time the band recorded and released cover versions. In fact, if anyone ever finds a band October 31 has not covered Fowley would like an urgent telephone call regarding this unlikely possibility. The band was gigging in 2017.

The group claims it opted to not continue working with its European label, Metal Blade. October 31 has played at Classic Metal Fest, Powermad and Wacken.



October 31