Rain Without End – 1997 - Vic
Grey Dawn – 1999 - Avantgarde
A Thin Shell – 2010 – Candlelight
Tunnel Of No Light – 2013 - Pulverised
Winged Waltz – 2016 - Agonia
In Splendor Below – 2019 - Agonia

S= Katatonia, Bloodbath>>Jonas Renkse>>Katatonia, Bloodbath - A Canorous Quintet>>Mårten Hansen>>A Canorous Quintet, Sins Of Omission, This Ending, Votur, The Plague – In Mourning, Contortion, Volturyon>>Tobias Netzell>>In Mourning, Antarktis – Spasmodic, Moondark, Centinex, Volturyon, Demonical>>ALEXANDER HÖGBOM>>Spasmodic, Moondark, Centinex, Volturyon, Demonical
G= Uncanny, Fulmination, Trees Of Eternity>>FRED NORRMAN>>Uncanny, Trees Of Eternity - Emil Alstermark - Dellamorte, Interment, Uncanny, Moondark, South Of You, Trees Of Eternity, Moondark>>MATTIAS "KRYPTAN" NORRMAN>>Dellamorte, Interment, Uncanny, Moondark, South Of You, Trees Of Eternity, moondark
B= Fred Norrman – Dellamorte, Interment, Uncanny, Moondark, South Of You, Trees Of Eternity>>Mattias "Kryptan" Norrman>>Dellamorte, Interment, Uncanny, Moondark, South Of You, Trees Of Eternity, Moondark – Letters From The Colony>>JOHAN JONSSEGARD>>Letters From The Colony
D= Katatonia>>Jonas Renkse>>Katatonia – Gorement, Pipers Dawn, Amaran>>Robin Bergh>>Aoria, Palefeather – Vituperation, Valkyrja, Morito Ergo Sum, Astrophobos>>Jocke Wallgren>>Valkyrja, Amon Amarth – Letters From The Colony>>JONAS SKOLD>>Letters From The Colony

This Stockholm-based death/doom band was founded in 1994 and existed for five years before inevitably reuniting without Renske in 2009. Renske and Mattias Norrman of Katatonia founded the band during their band’s break-up. Katatonia guitarist Fredrik Norrman has been the one constant while the group has seen a dozen musicians come and go. Norrman left Katatonia in 2010. A 1995 promo tape preceded the Rain Without End debut. The album was recorded two years before its release. Grey Dawn featured Mårten Hansen. Post reformation A Thin Shell featured three new members. Candlelight signed the band in 2010. The session bassist was Jonas Kjellgren. Several European tours supported A Thin Shell. The band had played Hell's Pleasure Metalfest following its return. The band signed with Agonia in 2015. Johan Jönsegård (bass) and Jonas Sköld (drums) both of Letters From The Colony joined in 2016 as Amon Amarth picked up Wallgren. Mattias switched to guitar. The band announced a show at Metal Gates festival in Romania in late 2018. October Tide would release its next album, In Splendor Below, through Agonia Records on May 17th.

Mattias and Fred are brothers.



October Tide