Bellicus Profanus – 1999 – Evil Horde
Lembranças Do Mal, A Crucificação – 2002 - Evil Horde
Lords Of Evil... – 2002 - Mutilation
Infernal Live – 2003 – Imperial
The Coffin – 2003 – Mutilation
Profanation – 2005 – Pazuzu
Regnum Infernalis – 2007 - Pazuzu
Atombe Unkuluntu – 2010 – Free Mind
Shadows From Beyond – 2013 - Mutilation
Nexion Chaos – 2015 - Pazuzu
Quintessence – 2018 – Heavy Metal Rock

S= Count Imperium [Marcelo]>>Warhead 666 – Profanation>>Males Maleficarum>>Profanation - Mortuorum>>Daimoth – Morthor>>Legacy>>Morthor - Warhead 666>>COUNT IMPERIUM [Marcelo]>>Warhead 666
G= Count Imperium [Marcelo]>>Profanation, Warhead 666 – Mortuorum>>Daimoth [Elton] – Khaotic, Profanation>>LADY OF BLOOD [DIANA FERRAZ]>>Khaotic, Profanation
B= Dom Junior [Ayrton Junior] - Blackthorny>>Magnus Hellcaller [Bruno Peron Teixeira]>>Blackthorny – Throne, Mørk Visdom>>KAZOTH BEY>>Throne
D= Into The Darkness My Destiny>>Lord Fausto>>Into The Darkness My Destiny, Nightmare, Sovereign, Vulturine - Count Imperium [Marcelo]>>Warhead 666 – Esgaroth, Gangrena Febrosa, Gloria Excelsis Satani, Agouro, Justabeli, Insanity Force, Black Angel>>Malus [Nelson Paschoal Junior]>>Agouro, Amort, Justabeli, Insanity Force, Inaftor, Black Angel, Cold Winter, Mørk Visdom - MEPHISTO LUCIFERIUS

This Brazil-based black metal band was founded in 1994 when Count Imperium - at the time the vocalist and the bass player - got together with the guitarist Cerberus and issued the Eternus Malus and Regnus Ad Exús demos in 1996. Lord Faustus had joined in 1996 and was booted in 2000. Lady Blood joined in 1998. Count Imperium handled the vocals between 1994 and 2000 and again beginning 2009. He drummed for the band between 2000 and 2013 despite having no experiene on the stool beforehand. Members came. Members went. The group recorded its debut album in 1998 and issued it in 1999. Mutilation Records issued a live DVD for the band, called Ceremony Of Hate, in 2008.

Count Imperium and his wife Lady Of Blood own Pazuzu Records. The members claim adherence to Quimbanda religion, which is a local Afro-Brazilian superstition.