Tears In Floods – 2004 – Scarlet
Storm – 2015 - Diamond

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G= Athlantis, Amazing Maze, Labÿrinth, Perseo Miranda, Necrodeath, Mastercastle, Vanexa, Verde Lauro>>PIER GONELLA>>Athlantis, Amazing Maze, Labÿrinth, Perseo Miranda, Necrodeath, Mastercastle, Vanexa, Verde Lauro



History & Biography
This neo-classical/metal project of guitarist Pier Gonella came together in 2004, released an album, went away and reappeared in 2015. Carlo Faraci sang on the debut. Roberto Tiranti sang on the sophomore. Many guests participate on the recordings. Storm was reprinted in 2021.


What does this reviewer know about Odyssea? Not much. The band is a young one from Italy (I think) with a cover art depicting an ancient Greek myth (I think) with music that could have been marvelous (I am sure). Odyssea, you see, has quite a superb guitarist who comes across as a metallic Yngwie Malmsteen. The man shreds on the guitar and knows his way around a fret board like the American military knows its way around a defenseless enemy. The singer too has a high pitch that is quite suitable and in key. There are no complaints there. The drumming is fast and monotonous most of the time and actually sounds like Eidolon here and there. Overall, this could have been a great speed/power metal band - a ballad like Try Again notwithstanding - had they not adopted the cursed electronica. That is right. The metal is insulted, watered down, diluted and defiled by keyboards, synthesizers and a rising tide of techno beats that would make any metal fan laugh all the way back to the 'returns' counter. Isn't that sad? - Ali "The Metallian"

A 2021 reprint of the originally 2015 released sophomore album. Pier Gonella is the main man and Roberto Tiranti takes on the vocal duties. The two are far from the only ones who made Storm. The list of guest and session musicians is longer than most pop songs' lyrics. The final product is mainly catchy hard rock with Gonella's guitar skills the focus. Sometimes it is basically an exercise or showcase of shredding where the songs feel interrupted only for the sake of a solo. Tiranti has the voice to match the style very well. The bass and drums are there for the ride, rarely to come forth. Alessandro Del Vecchio makes an appearance on the vocals for Ice and he gives the song a more conventional, perhaps more commercial, sound. The song is also where the synthesizers make an appearance. It is a step down from the first three songs. Freedom comes after Ice with Tiranti back. The song sounds unoriginal and veering towards the anthemic. Galaxy is next and is popish. Storm has the man showing off his Malmsteen-esque skills complete with a more genuine metal sounding song, for some minutes at least. Ride is catchier again and features higher screams. Tears Of The Rain feels like a Kamelot song at times. Apocalypse Pt.2 is a long instrumental with an electronic and experimental feel. A 2015 version of Fly, originally from the Tears In Floods debut, is included as a bonus. Two additional bonuses include Compromise and an instrumental version of Burning Time, originally released with a vocalist on the aforementioned debut. – Anna Tergel