Human Concept – 2010 – Deepsend
Age Of Perversion – 2012 - Deepsend

S= B.S.D.>>Jesus The Butcher>>B.S.D., Disowning
G= Loic Naud – Asmodée>>GROPOIL [NICOLAS MICHAUD]>>Asmodée, Silver Machine, Evil Spells - Asmodée, Seth, Decrepit Spectre>>MANU [MANUEL SCRIMALI]>>Seth, Decrepit Spectre
B= B.S.D.>>YONI>>B.S.D., Fall Of Seraphs
D= Asmodée, Reverence, Sael, On Fire, R.I.P.>>V.R. [VINCENT ROUBIÈRE]>>Asmodée, Reverence, Sael, On Fire, R.I.P., Silver Machine, Havenless, Evil Spells, Fall Of Seraphs

This death metal act existed between 2002 and 2014. Gropoli and V.R. had put the band together while in Asmodée. It issued the Offending demo in 2005. It had taken three engineers and a year and a half to finally put this together. The Destruction Of The Human Spirit was the 2007 demo. A tour of China planned for 2008 was cancelled. Several Bleeds was interested in the band, but Deepsend Records signed the band. The label also issued Age Of Perversion, the second album by France’s Offending, in summer of 2012. Jesus left in 2013. The members were also in Asmodée and moved on to Fall Of Seraphs.