Ne Vivam – 1997 – Teutonic Existence
The Pathway – 2001 – Displeased
Reason – 2004 – Displeased
Giving Yourself Away – 2007 – Displeased
Mors Viri – 2013 – Hammerheart
The Death Of Gaia – 2019 – Transcending Obscurity

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S= The 11th Hour, Extreme Cold Winter, Dark Epoch, Clouds>>PIM BLANKENSTEIN>>The 11th Hour, Extreme Cold Winter, Dark Epoch, Clouds
G= Johan Kwakernaak – Absent Mind, Imbolc, The 11th Hour>>Bram Bijlhout>>The 11th Hour - GERARD DE JONG - Whispering Gallery>>WILLIAM VAN DIJK
B= The 11th Hour>>Johan Mijnster>>The 11th Hour – Death Sentence, Liar Of Golgotha>>Lawrence Meyer>>Sudden Annihilation - THEO PLAISIER
D= Martin Kwakernaak - In Age And Sadness>>NIELS JORDAAN

The origin of Rotterdam-based Officium Triste dates back to the early ‘90s when Martin and Johan formed a death metal band called Reïncremated. The band hails from The Netherlands, was formed in 1994 and specializes in slow doom/death as influenced by early My Dying Bride and Anathema. The act would open for Anathema in 1997. Demo '94 was the first sign of life. A deal for single with Fuck You Records fell apart. The band’s appearance on a compilation through Oliver Kraupa of Moonlight Records also never transpired. A 1996 7” was entitled Mountains Of Depressiveness and was issued by the band through its Weeping Willow imprint. This was the recording meant for Fuck You. The group hung it up in 1998, formed XILIX (a.k.a. The 11th Hour), but quickly reconsidered and returned in 1999. The reformation featured third guitarist Johan Tonnon. A single called Roses On My Grave showed the band’s wishful side in 1999. Johan was asked to leave in 2000. Martin Kwakernaak picked up the keyboards in 2001. Reason was recorded at the group’s own studio El Pato, which was run by guitarist Johan. Displeased issued Charcoal Hearts - 15 Years Of Hurt in 2009. This compilation called miscellaneous material from the band. Memento Mori issued a split for the band and Ophis in 2012. This came following a period of inactivity despite Niels induction into the band. In reality, the next album was being recorded in 2011. The band also played in Russia in 2011. The band released a studio album, called Mors Viri, through Hammerheart Records on March 18th 2013. The band appeared at the Malta Doom Metal festival in 2014. Transcending Obscurity from India signed the band in 2016. Sarlacc Productions reissued the 1994 demo in 2017. Broken Memories was a 2018 split release with Lapsus Dei. Theo Plaisier was on bass now.

The band’s monicker refers to a wake or funeral. Singer Pim was one of the organizers of Dutch Doom Days festival.


Officium Triste. Names don't get much sadder than that! The Dutch so-called atmospheric metallers have delivered a relatively short album reminiscent of bands like early My Dying Bride and Anathema which would recurringly get the boot from Metallian Towers, although it must be mentioned that these guys have kept the use of the synthesizers to a minimum and incorporated enough deep growling to maintain a respectable poise. The sound is good and the mood desirable for fans of the aforementioned style. It would be even better though were the band to dump the keyboards and become a real metal band. - Ali "The Metallian"

The Dutch band Officium Triste is never in a hurry to deliver a new album that kinda matches the way the group’s songs progress. Officially doom metal and melancholic because of it the band’s music is an approximation of My Dying Bride with a mixture of clean and growled vocals with the latter sounding convincing while the former are uneven and occasionally out of tune. The band has mellowed a little and the guitars especially have a more 'rock' sound than in the past. Nowhere is this better heard than on the album’s opener Your Eyes. This is not a bad album for the genre, but adds little that is new and insists on perpetuating that the style needs or benefits from the odd piano and lots of clean singing. With a near-instrumental at the end of lots of saddening melodies this is almost quintessential doom, but that makes it not great; just average and decent. Drop the piano and it gets better. - Ali “The Metallian”


Officium Triste