Conquering Oblivion – 2011 - Apollyon

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S= Laura Tyburski - PAT BROSE

G= Single Bullet Theory>>PAT BROSE>>Single Bullet Theory, Depletion

B= Single Bullet Theory>>JOE BRANNIGAN>>Single Bullet Theory

D= Ryan Welikonich

History & Biography
This band was founded around 2004, featured two Single Bullet Theory members (as of 2011) and disbanded a decade later after its sole album made little headway. It professed to a melodic sound and K&F (keyboards and female vocals) while it existed. Keyboardist Robot became part of the line-up.


This record seemed attractive for about 5 seconds before the music began playing. It was mostly downhill from there. With the exception of the guitarist, who can strum acoustically and shred solos, the rest of the affair was weak, diluted and derivative. The full-length disc begins with a Helloween-like affair called Forever Unseen, which might be a bad omen for an unknown band. Leaning towards the happier and poppier moments of Helloween, the song is keyboard-laden and lightweight. The band is, sadly, K&F (keyboards and female vocals) and apart from the dexterity of the aforementioned Pat Brose has little going for it. Sapphire Sea and To Walk Alone are instrumental cuts with the latter being in part acoustic. Water Of The Corrupt is more 'happy metal' and also begins instrumentally. The harsh male vocals are there, but so is the poppy and forced female vocals. This - the clean female crooning - might be new to the band, but is old-hat garbage to metal. Incidentally, the band has repeatedly been given the progressive tag and an example of such is the song Desire. It smacks of Dream Theater. Not that the comparison alone makes a band 'progressive,' but that is the metal scene for you. Desire features more of the female vocals and doubled up to boot. By the way, listen for the Megadeth Symphony Of Destruction rip off in the middle of the track.
I suppose we have to simply snicker and move on regarding the band’s liner notes gratitude towards ”˜God.’ It is an American cliché to believe a high power is controlling one’s actions no matter how irrelevant the concept is to heavy metal or, more importantly, Christians own stupid and paradoxical 'free will.' Hey, Dr. Feelgood, Of Wrath And Ruin thanks you!
Of Wrath And Ruin is a watered down version of Dimmu Borgir with the added disadvantage of female vocals. Given that Dimmu Borgir itself is a watered down version of ... - Ali "The Metallian"


Of Wrath And Ruin