Path Of Divinity - 2024 - Lethal Scissor

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Astral Emptiness>>Daniele Buzzanca>>Astral Emptiness – Alec Lopez – Jei Doublerice>>Despite Exile, Bleed From Within - A.M.E.N.>>MATTEO VITTELI>>A.M.E.N.

Northwoods, Desource, Xenofaction, Solo>>EDOARDO CASINI>>Desource, Xenofaction, Solo, Nerodime – Disequilibrium, Fictio Solemnis>>DANIELE BOCCALI>>Fictio Solemnis

Gatecloser, Fictio Solemnis>>Alessandro Travetti>>Gatecloser, Fictio Solemnis - Ataxia, Eschatus, Embodied Torment, Orchidectomy, Mulletcorpse, Blood Of Christ, Involuntary Convulsion, Sundecay, Nakatheral, Reviled, Into The Ashes>>MARK CHANDLER>>Ataxia, Eschatus, Embodied Torment, Mulletcorpse, Involuntary Convulsion, Sundecay, Nakatheral, Reviled, Into The Ashes

Gatecloser, Fictio Solemnis>>Alessandro Cupici>>Gatecloser, Fictio Solemnis, Eonia Rise, Aran Angmar - Demonisium, Dark Evocation, Lilith's Mortuary, Enchantress>>MIKE SEVEKH>>Lilith's Mortuary, Enchantress

Atemno, Strider, Human Cluster, Fleshgod Apocalypse>>Francesco Ferrini>>Fleshgod Apocalypse - Energy Of The Elements, Misteyes, Gotland, Desecrate>>GABRIELE GILODI>>Misteyes, Gotland, Desecrate

History & Biography
The studio project created by the minds of Daniele Boccali (Fictio Solemnis and ex-Disequilibrium) and Edoardo Casini (Desource, Xenofaction and solo artist) in 2021 released the Realms’ demo, the first chapter of what the band hoped would be a series of albums narrating the story of Raziel, a human entity who seeks to become a God himself through a pact with the Devil based on ceremonial magic and human sacrifices. The 4-track EP, recorded, mixed and mastered by Giovanni Rosellini of Undergrind Studio featured musicians from bands such as Fleshgod Apocalypse, Despite Exile and Coexistence and covered the first part of the story. The demo was issued in 2021 and re-issued by Lethal Scissors in 2022.

Italy-based Olamot released a full-length album, entitled Path Of Divinity, through Lethal Scissor Records in April 2024. The concept was to be developed through a series of books that were being written by Edoardo Casini. The same narrative was to be covered by Fictio Solemnis’ next albums, which featured the band’s guitarist Daniele Boccali, where the story would be seen from the perspective of the Angel Metatron. Aside from the main members, the guitarists, the album was staffed by a couple of band hoppers and serial project member gig workers.

Olamot is Hebrew for 'realms.'