Regurgitation>>O.L.D>>Flux - USA

Old Lady Drivers – 1988 - Earache
Lo Flux Tube – 1991 - Earache
The Musical Dimension Of Sleastak – 1993 - Earache
Formula – 1995 - Earache

S= James Plotkin>>Solo, Flux – Khanate, Gnaw, Deathstench, Shadowcast>>ALAN DUBIN>>Shadowcast, Khanate, Gnaw, Deathstench - Ralph Pimentel
G= Scorn, Solo, Jodis, Shadowcast>>JAMES PLOTKIN>>Scorn, Solo, Shadowcast, Khlyst, Jodis, The Trifid Project, The Joy Of Disease, Phantomsmasher, Atomsmasher
B= James Plotkin>>Solo, Khanate, The Joy Of Disease – Nirvana, Soundgarden, MindFunk>>Jason Everman>>Soundgarden, MindFunk - Nocturnal Fear>>Herschel Gaer
D= Ralph Pimentel

O.L.D., which was short for Old Lady Drivers, was formed initially as Regurgitation in good old UsofA in 1986 before becoming O.L.D. in 1987. Regurgitation’s Bathrooms Rule! Demo, with its cover depicting a metal fan at a McDonalds’ washroom, was a known item in the underground. The band was an early example of explosive mince and grindcore before slowing down, going industrial and avant-garde and losing the interest of extreme music fans. The band signed with Earache, which at that time was a fledgling label working with Napalm Death, and issued its debut. The cover model was a total hag. The band’s demo of that year was also called Total Hag and featured song appearing on the record. Lo Flux Tube’s guest appearances by industrial musicians portend its progressive and industrial approach. Pimentel had already departed been replaced by a drum machine. The band also appeared on a Black Sabbath covers’ album and had a split with Assück. Hold On To Your Face featured a number of remixes, which was likely inspired by the dance music scene. It preceded The Musical Dimension Of Sleastak. The group’s music was included on the soundtrack of a film called Brainscan. The industrial Formula featured a new logo for the band. Nodding to its sophomore album and acknowledging the break from the past the band changed its monicker to Flux around 1995. Due to the nature of the music and the lack of a line-up O.L.D. had become a studio project.

Plotkin had a new project every month. A bassist was named Tommy Tom and moved on to Nocturnal. A drummer was called Marty.