Grim Reaping Norway – 2002 - Hearse

Old Funeral image
S= Padden [Jan Atle Åserød]
G= Bömbers, Desekrator, The Batallion, Studfaust>>TORE BRATSETH>>Bömbers, Desekrator, The Batallion, Studfaust - Uruk-Hai>>Christian Vikernes>>Uruk-Hai, Satanel, Burzum, Mayhem
B= Amputation, Bömbers>>Olve "On the Egg" Eikemo>>Amputation, Bömbers, Immortal, I – Thorlak [Thorlak Sigvaldason]
D= Amputation, Immortal>>PADDEN [JAN ATLE ÅSERØD]>>Amputation, Immortal

This is a band whose members’ future excesses overshadow its short history. Olve, Padden and Tore were childhood friends. After calling itself Funeral, the death metal band quickly became Old Funeral and with teenagers Padden, Olve (also singing) and Tore in the line-up issued The Fart That Should Not Be demo. Demonaz of Immortal in the future had already left. As the band would explain the flatulation referred to the eggy kind and it was “lovely”. The same members recorded the Abduction Of Limbs demo. The group appeared at Notodden festival in 1990. Thrash Records of France issued the 7” Devoured Carcass in 1991. Thorlak was on bass and future Mayhem and Burzum man Christian was on second guitar. Padde was also singing. The band split up. Jørn of Hades Almighty in the future was in the band for less than a year. He was convicted of arson alongside Varg. The group split up and the members drifted into black metal including Immortal and Burzum following the short-lived Amputation. The demos were re-released in one package by Hammerheart in 1998. It was called Join the Funeral Procession. The label issued another compilation of the band’s material in 1999, The Older Ones. 1991 live recordings were issued as a live album in 2002. Even more rehearsal and demo material came out as Our Condolences (1988-1992). The original line-up of Old Funeral reunited for a show on November 15th 2015 at BlekkMetal show in its hometown of Bergen, Norway. On the stage was Olve Eikemo (Abbath formerly of Immortal) on vocals and bass, Tore Bratseth on guitar (had roadied for Immortal) and Padde (also formerly of Immortal) on drums. Old Funeral played the entire Abduction Of Limbs demo from 1989 and a Celtic Frost cover version.

Olve (Abbath of Immortal) is married to Demonaz’s sister. Bömbers is a cover band.



Old Funeral