Battle Cry – 1984 – Metal Blade
Warning Of Danger – 1985 – Metal Blade
The Curse – 1987 – Metal Blade
Escape to Nowhere – 1988 – Metal Blade
Reopening The Gates – 1997 – Massacre
Eternal Black Dawn – 2003 – Mausoleum/Crash
Hammer Damage – 2016 – Pure Steel

Omen image
S= J.D. Kimball [John David Kimball]>>Hammer Damage – Prisoner>>Coburn Pharr>>Annihilator – Stompin’ Ground>>Greg Powell>>Stompin’ Ground - Phantom-X, Perpetual, New Last Day>>Kevin Goocher>>Phantom-X, Perpetual, New Last Day, Of Gods & Monsters
G= Rapid Fire, Savage Grace, Step Child>>KENNY POWELL>>Step Child
B= Jody Henry>>Cold Ethyl, Celebrity Crush – Step Child>>Andy Haas
D= Rapid Fire, Savage Grace>>Steve Wittig – Prisoner>>Cam Daigneault>>World War Three – Rick Murray - Rapid Fire, Savage Grace>>Steve Wittig

Omen was one of the first American power metal bands. Powell, Henry and Wittig had moved from Oklahoma to Los Angeles. After not finding a suitable singer or bassist Powell and co. ended up in Savage Grace. Omen was founded by Kenny Powell in April 1984 following his departure from local heroes Savage Grace. Apparently, Savage Grace would not give Powell room to write music and the man had obtained a deal with Metal Blade even before properly reforming with his old mates to found Omen. Joe Jaimes was an early second guitarist so Henry (who was in band with Steven Adler) switched to bass. The band appeared on Metal Massacre V with the wonderful song Torture Me and obtained a contract with Metal Blade. The albums were released by Roadrunner in Europe. The band often appeared in battle gear. Nightmares was a 1985 EP. The band threw in the towel after Escape To Nowhere, which featured future Annihilator singer Pharr, but as you would expect returned ten years later with a new line-up that now featured Kenny Powell’s son on vocals. Pharr had joined for the 1988 album, but his departure would end the formation. He had been recruited mid-tour to replace Kimball who seemingly was having substance abuse problems. While Daigneault is listed as Escape To Nowhere’s drummer the album featured Wittig. Escape To Nowhere was a commercial endeavour and featured outside songwriting from producer O’Neill. Henry and Wittig disappeared from music, but Powell formed Step Child. This band would issue an album with future Omen label Massacre Records. In Fact, Henry, like Powell, had moved to Texas and founded Cold Ethyl. John Kimball was in Hammer Damage, which also became the title for a future Omen album. The Omen reformation – with only Kenny remaining in the band – featured Step Child bassist Haas. The reformation album came with a tour of Europe with Fates Warning. J.D. Kimball, who was living in Washington after spending time in San Diego, died of cancer in 2003. 20th Anniversary Box Set was issued in 2003. Hammer Damage had been promised for years. It had been scrapped and re-recorded given multiple line-up changes including an incarnation for a tour of South America. Powell had had health problems as well. Wittig rejoined in 2012 and remained for five years. Goocher rejoined in 2014 and remained for three years. Three new members joined in 2017 including surprisingly bassist Roger Sisson of early Oklahoma band Rapid Fire. No Remorse Records issued a single, simply called Alive, in 2018. It was also sold on the road. Greg Powell was second guitarist now.