Hexkonst - 2014 - Immortal Frost
Dödsrikets Kallelse - 2019 - Immortal Frost
Norden - 2021 - Immortal Frost
Det Österbottniska Mörkret - 2023 - Black Lion

Dispyt>>OWE INBORR>>Dispyt

Dispyt>>Juuso Englund>>Dispyt - OWE INBORR - Mikael Kåll - The Iniquity Descent, Dispyt>>Philip Kerbs>>Dispyt, Änterbila - Solothus>>DARIO KÅLL [DARIO VUJOŠEVIĆ]>>Solothus

Solothus>>Dario Vujošević>>Soloths - Arctora, Outlaw, Aeonian Sorrow, Earthblood>>JOEL NOTKONEN>>Arctora, Outlaw, Aeonian Sorrow, Earthblood

Gangrened, Dispyt>>Owe Inborr>>Gangrened, Dispyt - Simon Bondegård - Spell Of Torment, Outlaw, Arctora>>TOMMI TUHKALA>>Spell Of Torment, Outlaw, Kvaen, Arctora


History & Biography
Established in Ostrobothnia a.k.a. Pohjanmaa on the Western coast of Finland in April of 2013, Onfodt is a black metal band, but has synthesizers. The founding members Owe Inborr (vocals and drums at this time) and Mikael Kåll initially wanted a “raw black metal project.” The band had a demo called I. Ondfødt started to work on new material and signed a deal with Immortal Frost Productions for the release of its debut album. After the release of the demo the band had recruited three new members: bassist Dario Vujocevic, drummer Simon Bondegård and guitarist Juuso Englund. During the recordings of Ondfødt’s debut, Simon Bondegård left the band and vocalist Owe Inborr jumped in as a replacement during the recordings.

The second record featured vocalist Mathias Lillmåns from …And Oceans and Finntroll as a guest on the track No Ere Jo Satan, which also became a music video. Dario joined the band again in 2021, but this time as a guitarist and together with Owe opted to return Ondfødt to the live arena after almost 9 years. Tommi Tuhkala" (Outlaw and Kvaen) joined the band as drummer in 2022 replacing Owe. Ondfødt released two ‘live in the studio videos together with session bassist Mathias "Vreth" Lillmåns (Finntroll, etc.) in the spring of 2022. Ondfødt had a gig at the Black Sheep Pub & Terrace in December of 2022. The concert was filmed and recorded to subsequently be released by Black Lion Records on 31.12.2022.

Det Österbottniska Mörkret was out through Black Lion Records in May 2023. The album was about exploring the darkest side of Ostrobothnia. Mathias Lillmåns was the band’s live bassist. Oldfodt was a 2024 EP. The band played at Heretical Fever Meeting, Bloodfest Finland and was booked for Raise Your Horns 2024. The group also ventured out of Finland and into France with Erebor opening for July.