Paralysis>>Phlebotomy>>ON THORNS I LAY - GREECE

Sounds of Beautiful Experience – 1995 – Holy
Orama – 1997 – Holy
Crystal Tears – 1999 - Holy
Future Narcotic – 2000 – Holy
Angeldust – 2002 – Black Lotus
Egocentric – 2003 – Black Lotus
Eternal Silence – 2015 - Sleaszy Rider
Aegean Sorrow – 2018 - Alone

On Thorns I Lay image
S= STEFANOS KINTZOGLOU - Claudia J. – Vorphalack>>Minas – Elysion, Visions Of Atlantis, Moonspell, Jaded Star>>Maxi Nil>> Elysion, Visions Of Atlantis, Moonspell, Jaded Star
G= CHRIS DRAGAMESTIANOS – Vorphalack>>Minas - Akis
B= Jim - Stefanos Kintzoglou
D= Psychic Crush, Vorphalack>>Fotis Hondroudakis - Andrew Olaru – Evans M. - Psychic Crush, Vorphalack>>FOTIS HONDROUDAKIS
K= Chris Dragamestianos – Roula - Ionna Doroftei - ANTONIS

This is a band that is of little interest to metal fans given its adoration of goth rock in its later stages. The band was founded in 1991 under another monicker before becoming On Thorns I Lay in 1995. Stefanos Kintzoglou sang and drummed in Paralysis. The group disbanded after the rock album Egocentric, but obeying the rules of the scene returned in 2015.

Nightfall’s Efthimis Karadimas who was also signed to Holy Records suggested the monicker. Crystal Tears, Future Narcotic and Angel Dust were recorded in Romania. The band picked up Romanian residency and members. Claudia J. joined for Future Narcotic and provided female vocals. Guitarist Akis Pastras and bassist Jim Ramses joined in 2017. Aegean Sorrow was billed as a return to the early doom sound.


Veteran of the early nineties, On Thorns I Lay is the kind of 'atmospheric' act whose appeal works best on fans of My Dying Bride, Tiamat and Paradise Lost. Those are also the band's primary influences. The sound is clear and the compositions rather uncomplicated and yet not so predictable. The band has put together a nice package here as well, but beware that the track listing differs from the actual order of songs on the CD.


On Thorns I Lay