A Journey Into Darkness – 1994 - Avantgarde
Via Dolorosa – 1995 – Avantgarde
A Long Journey – 1998 - Necropolis
Dominion – 1998 – No Fashion

Ophthalamia image
S= Dissection>>SHADOW [JON NODVEIDT]>>Dissection – LEGION [ERIK HAGSTEDT]>>Marduk, Devian, Witchery - Vondur, Abruptum, War>>ALL [JIM BERGER]>>Vondur, Abruptum, War – Host, Brejn Dedd, Vondur, Abruptum, War>>IT [TONY SÄRKKÄ]>>Host, Brejn Dedd, Vondur, Abruptum, War, 8th Sin
G= IT [TONY SÄRKKÄ] – Thunder, Outbreak, Swordmaster>>NIGHT [EMIL NÖDTVEIDT]>>Outbreak, Swordmaster, Deathstars
B= Pan.Thy.Monium, Stygg Död>>Mourning [Robert Ivarsson]>>Pan.Thy.Monium, No Fucking God, Facebreaker, Ashes, Incapacity - Thunder, Outbreak, Swordmaster>>Night [Emil Nödtveidt]>>Outbreak, Swordmaster, Deathstars – MIST [MIKAEL SCHELIN]>>Ofermod, Malign
D= Edge Of Sanity, Pan.Thy.Monium, Stygg Död, Total Terror>>Winter [Benny Larsson]>>Edge Of Sanity, Pan.Thy.Monium, Stygg Död, Total Terror, Godsend, Plague Warhead - Rabbit’s Carrot, Siren’s Yell, Swordmaster, Dissection>>BONE [OLE CHRISTIAN ÖHMAN]>>Deathstars

Ophthalamia was a whimsy metal band beginning as Leviathan in 1989 that was more famous for who constituted its ranks than for its music. The founding member It created a fantasy world in which roamed various fantastical beings. Dominion was inspired by Macbeth. All was on vocals to start, but was replaced by Shadow for the debut album. Shadow gave way for Legion for the sophomore album. Legion chose Marduk and All returned.

A Long Journey was a 1991 demo and most of it was rerecorded and became a 1998 album. Soulseller Records was issuing Dominion on vinyl on 2 x 180 grams black vinyl with gatefold outer sleeve and double-sided printed inner sleeves in 2014.

Night and Shadow were brothers. It died at age 44 on the 8th of February 2017. Shadow committed suicide at age 31 on the 13th of August 2006. Särkkä had founded the True Satanist Horde.