Laws Of Motion – 2013 - Lion
Inertia – 2017 – Lion

Opposing Motion image
S= High Sphere>>Ludovic Desa>>High Sphere
G= Operose>>JOE MCGURK>>Operose
B= High Sphere>>DAVID DEPLANCHE>>High Sphere
D= High Sphere, Operose>>KEVIN DEPLANCHE>>High Sphere, Operose

The band was founded in 2005 and issued The Illustration demo in 2010. Ludovic Desa had joined recently. UK-based progressive metal outfit Opposing Motion unveiled the artwork and track listing for the successor to 2013’s debut Laws Of Motion released by Lion Music in August of 2015. This second LP, titled Inertia, was to be released early 2016. Lion Music issued Opposing Motion's second album Inertia in the autumn of 2017. It featured guitarist Joe McGurk of Operose. The band was based in Lyon, France. Opposing Motion had been auditioning new singers in 2019 and recruited Mariano Gardella on vocals.



Opposing Motion