Solstice Of Oppression – 1994 –
European Oppression Live – 1995 – Megalithic
Agony – 1996 – Diehard/Olympic
Elements of Corrosion – 1998 – Olympic

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S= Soil>>TIM KING>>Soil

G= Soil>>ADAM ZADEL>>Soil – JIM STOPPER>>Twelfth Gate

B= Soil>>TIM KING>>Soil


History & Biography
This Chicago-based band was founded in Chicago by bassist/vocalist Tim King and guitarist Adam Zadel in 1990 and played techno-death metal that was influenced by Gorguts and Morbid Angel to start. World Abomination was the 1991 demo. It first came with one cover and subsequently with another. The first featured a cool pumpkin. As Blood Flows streamed in 1993. The band signed with the local Red Light Records, which also had Broken Hope on its roster, and issued its debut in 1994. It was well received in the metal underground. The band toured Europe and the result was partly a live album. The band was to spend June and a portion of July 1995 on tour in Europe with Vader, Solstice and Malevolent Creation. The group supported Agony by opening for Cannibal Corpse. The band began making a course adjustment and became less deathly and more thrashy and complicated. The members wished to incorporate more groove. This was unsuccessful and the band split up in 2009. The members were also more successful with Soil, which was founded in 2007. Mortal Music and MVD Audio released Oppressor‘s The Solstice Of Agony And Corrosion worldwide on November 3rd 2009. Ten years after the band had ceased to be, highlights from all three of Oppressor’s studio albums would be on the fourteen-track compilation.

The members went on to Soil with Shaun of Broken Hope. Oppressor was managed by Dustin Hardmann (Saigon Kick, Brutality, etc.).



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