Prodigy>>ORACLE - USA

As Darkness Reigns – 1993 - Massacre

Oracle image
S= WILLIAM WREN>>Mystic-Force
G= KENT SMEDLEY>>Iced Earth, Odyssey, Acoustic Collective, Spicolis' Dream
B= Kevin Reid
D= BRENT SMEDLEY>>Odyssey, Silent Scream, Tempest Reign, Sons Of Liberty

Jacksonville, Florida-based Prodigy changed its monicker to Oracle in 1993. The sole album was initially a Prodigy release. The album was released in Europe and Japan under the name Oracle due to a copyright issue. The band split up due to internal conflict. Brent and Kent Smedley later reformed the band using the Odyssey monicker.

The band should not be confused with all the other Oracles running around.