Our Haunted Kingdom>>ORANGE GOBLIN - UK

Frequencies From Planet Ten – 1997 – Rise Above
Time Travelling Blues – 1998 - Rise Above
The Big Black – 2000 - Rise Above
Coup De Grace – 2002 - Rise Above
Thieving From The House Of God – 2004 - Rise Above
Healing Through Fire – 2007 - Mayan
A Eulogy For The Damned – 2012 – Candlelight
A Eulogy For The Fans... Orange Goblin Live 2012 – 2013 - Candlelight
Back From The Abyss – 2014 - Candlelight
The Wolf Bites Back – 2018 – Candlelight/Spinefarm

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S= Ravens Creed>>BEN WARD>>Ravens Creed
G= Pete O'Malley - JOE HOARE
B= Ravens Creed, The Dukes of Nothing>>Martyn Millard>>Ravens Creed, The Dukes of Nothing
D= Capricorns, The Dukes Of Nothing>>CHRIS TURNER>>Capricorns, The Dukes Of Nothing

The London, England-based space rock/doomsters became Orange Goblin in 1995 after a year of existing under another monicker. Local doom metal label Rise Above signed the band. The debut was recorded at Rhythm Studio in Stratford and The Square Centre in Nottingham, UK between March 1996 and March 1997. Man’s Ruin also issued an Electric Wizard/Orange Goblin split in that year. The group opened for Cathedral in 1999. A Orange Goblin/Alabama Thunderpussy came in 2000. Pete O'Malley left in 2004. He was not replaced. Healing Through Fire was a concept album that was followed by a boxed set of the band in 2011. The band signed with Candlelight in 2008. The band released its 2012 studio album, A Eulogy For The Damned, on Monday February 13th, 2012 in the UK/rest of world and February 14, 2012 in the USA. This date was the same day that Black Sabbath released its self-titled debut album in 1970! The band was touring the UK and Ireland in April. A Eulogy for the Fans... Orange Goblin Live 2012 was recorded at Bloodstock. Despite its title it was not the end. On June 11th 2014 The More I See’s lead guitar player Gizz Butt was setting off on a 161 mile cycle ride, from London to the Download festival site, as part of the Heavy Metal Truants II charity event. Heavy Metal Truants – a Heavy Metal Charity Bicycle Ride – was conceived by Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood and the inaugural event had raised an impressive £94,000 for worthy causes. Joining Gizz on the ride was Ben Ward, Dave Silver of Savage Messiah and Jerry Ewing, the editor of Classic Rock Presents Prog. The band, Down, Bl'ast and King Parrot announced a North American tour for the end of 2014. The band embarked on a 13-date twentieth anniversary tour of the United Kingdom in December 2015. Corrosion Of Conformity announced a tour of the U.K. with Orange Goblin for the autumn of 2018. The band played its 2019 U.S. dates without drummer Chris Turner, who was not given a US visa on time. Drummer Chad Walls took over. Rough & Ready, Live & Loud was a 2020 independent release. It was culled from several shows. Martyn Millard was replaced by Harry Armstrong of End Of Level Boss. Orange Goblin was playing Desertfest New York in May 2022. The band was to play several USA shows around the festival. The band was booked for England’s Dominion Festival, which was scheduled to take place between May 5 and 7th 2023, but that was called off due to less than 5% of available tickets being pre-sold.

The band has stated that it desired a name with a ‘colour’ in the monicker in order to be in the company of Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer and Pink Floyd. Strangely, that was not the act’s first name. The band has stated they formed the band as they were all sitting around on the dole and doing nothing. Ravens Creed is inspired by Venom. The band made a tradition of playing Christmas shows.


It is entertaining how many 'space' references these Rise Above bands can use. Not only it has become a motif with Orange Goblin, but look elsewhere and check Sheavy's album title. Influenced by the sound of bands like Kyuss, Trouble, Mountain and Sabbath of course the goblins have released a cool album full of doom which nonetheless throws caution to the wind to rock out by speeding up and incorporating a little more than standard into the fault. Aided by truly Pink Floydish titles like Scorpionica, The Big Black and Cozmo Bozo (ha??), the band once called Our Haunted Kingdom has released a cool doom metal CD well worth your time and...space. Incidentally do stick around until the very end to hear some strange little recordings. - Ali "The Metallian"


Orange Goblin