Muukalainen Puhuu – 2009 – Violent Journey
Kosmonument – 2011 - Spinefarm
Valonielu – 2013 – Svart
Värähtelijä – 2016 - Svart
Live At Roadburn 2017 - 2019 - Roadburn
Mestarin Kynsi - 2020 - Nuclear Blast

Oranssi Pazuzu image
Kuolleet Intiaanit, Waste Of Space Orchestra, Atomikylä>>JUN-HIS [JUHO VANHANEN]>>Waste Of Space Orchestra, Atomikylä

Moit - Waste Of Space Orchestra, Atomikylä, Three Pound Trigger>>JUN-HIS [JUHO VANHANEN]>>Waste Of Space Orchestra, Atomikylä, Three Pound Trigger – Waste Of Space Orchestra, Domovoyd>>IKON [NIKO LEHDONTIE]>>Waste Of Space Orchestra, Domovoyd

Atomikylä, Waste Of Space Orchestra>>ONTTO [TONI HIETAMÄKI]>>Atomikylä, Waste Of Space Orchestra

Waste Of Space Orchestra>>KORJAK [JARKKO SALO]>>Waste Of Space Orchestra

Waste Of Space Orchestra>>EVILL [VILLE LEPPILAHTI]>>Waste Of Space Orchestra

History & Biography
The band was founded in 2007 and issued Muukalainen Puhuu two years later. Jun-His and Ontto founded the band after attending an Emperor concert. Verdura Records issued a Candy Cane/Oranssi Pazuzu split in 2010. This material would reappear in 2017. Oranssi Pazuzu played several European festivals, including Roadburn and Hellfest, in 2012. Yet, the band was dropped by Spinefarm. Oranssi Pazuzu next LP Värähtelijä was out through Svart Records at the beginning of 2016.

Farmakologinen was a 2017 EP. Kevät was a single in the same year. Mestarin Kynsi was on Nuclear Blast. It was supported through a video for the song Uusi Teknokratia. Sólstafir and Oranssi Pazuzu announced a tour of Europe for late 2024.

Oranssi Pazuzu is Finnish for Orange Pazuzu, a demon from the film The Exorcist. The psychedelic rock/metal band’s lyrics are in Finnish. Waste Of Space Orchestra is a psychedelic doom band.



Oranssi Pazuzu