Stillbirth Machine – 1992 – Wild Rags
Dawn Bringer – 1995 – Shivadarshana
An Ending In Fire – 1998 – Osmose

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Angelcorpse, Terror Organ, Feldgrau, Kerasphorus>>PETE HELMKAMP>>Angelcorpse, Terror Organ, Feldgrau, Kerasphorus, Angelcorpse, Revenge, Abhomine

Ares Kingdom, Vulpecula>>CHUCK KELLER>>Ares Kingdom, Vulpecula

Angelcorpse, Terror Organ, Revenge, Feldgrau, Kerasphorus>>PETE HELMKAMP>>Angelcorpse, Terror Organ, Feldgrau, Revenge, Kerasphorus, Abhomine

Ares Kingdom, Kudasai>>MIKE MILLER>>Ares Kingdom, Kudasai

History & Biography
This black/death metal band was founded in a dump called Kansas City in 1987 (no wonder) and disbanded in 1998. Naturally, to be in harmony with the scene the trio reformed in 2009 and finding little support disbanded in 2012. The trio reformed to play six shows in the U.S.A followed by ten in Europe in 2010. The group was hitting its Kansas City hometown on January 2 2010. Ares Kingdom was opening for the reunited Order From Chaos on January 2nd in Kansas City and January 16th in Los Angeles. The band was also playing Destroying Texas Fest in Houston and NWN Fest in Europe. Osmose Productions was reissuing the band’s music. Helmkamp had found some success in Angelcorpse in the meanwhile. The band issued several demos in the late ‘80s and established its harsh underground sound. Putrefaction Records of France issued the band’s 7” EP Will To Power in 1990. Wild Rags, which was distributing the band’s product in the USA, issued it in that country. The band’s debut record was issued in 1992, but was considered a bootleg by the band as Wild Rags had pre-dropped the band! The band has the same opinion of the version issued by Decapitated Records (later Unisound) of Greece the year after. The band began issuing demos and 7” EPs again, most tracks were either found on the band’s debut album or were cover versions. The group also played at Deathstock in NYC in 1994. A box set, called Frozen In Steel, was issued by Nuclear War Now! Productions in 2014.



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