Order of Ennead – 2008 – Earache
An Examination of Being – 2010 - Earache

Order of Ennead image
S= Council Of The Fallen>>KEVIN QUIRION

G= Council Of The Fallen>>John Li – Council Of The Fallen, Deicide, Shadow Society>>KEVIN QUIRION>>Deicide, Shadow Society

B= Council Of The Fallen, Shadow Society, Resurrection>>SCOTT PATRICK>>Shadow Society, Resurrection

D= Carnage, Amon, Deicide, Evil Amidst>>STEVE ASHEIM>>Deicide, Evil Amidst


History & Biography
Former members of the Council Of The Fallen formed the death metal act in 2007. At first, it was the new line-up of Council Of The Fallen, but upon jamming and obtaining a new recording contract decided on anew moniker. Santiago Dobles of Aghora was the early guitarist. The band signed with Earache in the summer of 2008. At the time Deicide was on Earache. Steve Asheim (Deicide also produced the debut). Deicide picked up Kevin Quirion as a touring guitarist in late 2008. Jack Owen played with the band on stage in 2008. The group picked up guitarist Shannon Hamm (Death and Control Denied) for 2011 live duties in 2010. Johnny Chromatic joined in 2014.

The Greater Ennead is comprised of the nine beings in Egyptian mythology, which gave birth to the universe and bestowed knowledge upon mankind.



Order of Ennead