Domain Of The Wretched – 2018 – Unique Leader
Existential Disconnect – 2019 – Unique Leader

Organectomy image
S= Rendered Helpless, Oblivion Dawn>>ALEX PAUL>>Rendered Helpless, Oblivion Dawn
G= Oblivion Dawn>>Ashton Moore>>Oblivion Dawn - Plague Of The Fallen, Secularity>>SAM MCROBERT>>Plague Of The Fallen, Secularity - Plague Of The Fallen, Secularity>>MATTHEW BOLCH>>Plague Of The Fallen, Secularity
B= Oblivion Dawn>>TYLER JORDAN>>Oblivion Dawn
D= Plague Of The Fallen, Oblivion Dawn>>Jae Hulbert>>Plague Of The Fallen, Oblivion Dawn - Legacy Of Disorder, Vargafrost>>LEVI SHEEHAN>>Legacy Of Disorder, Vargafrost

The band/man was called Scat Hammer and based in Christchurch and Tyler Jordan opted for the new monicker in 2010. A song called Septic Uterovaginal Putrefaction was followed by 2011 Promo and Impale The Bitch demo of 2011. The At the Mercy Of The Devine demo came in 2014. Jordan relinquished the microphone. This was followed by a promo in 2015. Domain Of The Wretched was a 2017 demo before being re-issued by a Stateside label. Drummer Jae Hulbert left. Guitarist Ashton Moore followed.

The group has opened for the likes Fleshgod Apocalypse, Cattle Decapitation, Archspire and Aborted.