S= CEDRIC – DAMIEN – Damnatorium, Plague Stricken, Necrosurgeon, Abnorm>>ANTOINE DIB>>Damnatorium, Plague Stricken, Necrosurgeon, Abnorm
G= Metal Revisited, Plague Stricken>>DAMIEN>>Metal Revisited, Plague Stricken - Damnatorium, Plague Stricken, Necrosurgeon, Abnorm>>ANTOINE ‘DIBOS’>>Damnatorium, Plague Stricken, Necrosurgeon, Abnorm
B= Metal Revisited, Putrid, Bestial Nihilism>>CEDRIC>>Metal Revisited, Putrid, Bestial Nihilism
D= Metal Revisited, Breakdown, Kombinis>>ALEXANDRE>>Metal Revisited, Breakdown, Kombinis

This band of friends played cover versions before writing its own music around 2001 and 2002. Antoine joined in 2002. The Necrosurgeon’s Therapy was a 2003 demo. Deadsun of France signed the band and issued a debut in 2004. There was a demo in 2005 and the band proceeded to issue Still More Suffering, Thirst For Blasphemy and Voices From Chaos on its Grave New World imprint. The band was on stage at something called Motocultor festival in 2007. There was a tour with Moonreich and The Negation in 2014.



Origin Hell