Oblivion – 1995 – DSFA
By Time Alone – 1996 – DSFA
Inside – 2000 – Nuclear Blast
Driven – 2004 – Nuclear Blast

S= Target>>Lex VOGELAAR – The Gathering, Lords Of The Stone>>Martine Van Loon>>Lords Of The Stone – Kutschurft, Pleurisy>>George Oosthoek>>Kutschurft, Pleurisy, After Forever, Doghouse Gallows, Celestial Season, Shinigami, Mayan – ROSAN VAN DER AA
G= Lycantrope, Target>>LEX VOGELAAR - REMKO VAN DER SPEK>>Celice
B= Silicon Head>>Eric Hoogendoorn>>Silicon Head, Kingfisher Sky – REMKO VAN DER SPEK>>Celice
D= Jules Vleugels – Silicon Head, Halcyon>>Edwin Polderman>>Silicon Head, LA Ventura - SUREEL
K= Guus Eikens>>Delian – LASSE DELLBRÜGGE>>Nemesea

This goth/doom act played the rounds between 1993 and 2005. Guitarist, singer and producer Vogelaar founded the band after the dissolution of Target. The Morph And Druid demos featured members of Celestial Season. Druid featured The Gathering synthesizer man Frank Boeljen on two tracks. Aardshock thought Druid was the 1994 demo of the year. The group combined male vocals with female ones. Former Paralysis drummer Stephen Van Haestregt drummed for the band upon formation. Stefan Ruiters of Celestial Season sang. Ed Warby was on drums in 1994. He drummed for the band at the GUP festival. The band appeared on the DSFA 6 compilation in 1994. DSFA of The Netherlands gave the band quite a bit of promotion. While with DSFA the band opened for the likes of Exodus, Kreator and The Grip Inc. The guys at Nuclear Blast signed the band and tried, but not really. Eikens had played keyboards for the band for six years, but eventually witched to guitar. The band played at Wacken in 2004.

The band described its music as “Gregorian” in the early days. The group played at Eindhoven festival twice.