Syphilis>>ORTH - GERMANY

Feed The Flames – 2000 – Morbid

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Hans Chr.

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History & Biography
The band got Syphilis after an encounter with a cheating white trash wife in Berlin before becoming Orth in December 1989 thanks to the miracle of modern medicine. The band issued the Psychotic (1991) and Blast of Silence (1992), Ano Kato (1995) demos and eventually signed with Morbid Records. The group supported its debut album througha tour with Dying Fetus and Six Feet Under. The band’s momentum was stunned with the departure of most members. An album called Godmode was being worked on for 2011.


Are these guys Scientologists? 'They come from outer space, to kill the human race...' I just returned from watching Battlefield Earth - so never mind. I have no idea what the label - supplied bio is trying to say ('finishes every track to an effective event' !?$!!?) but having made a name for themselves locally for most of the 1990's, Berlin's Orth are now on Morbid Records and with Feed The Flames release no less than 11 tracks of extreme metal. While the band's front man spews growls no less ferocious or deep than those on a Broken Hope album, the self-proclaimed grinders are a whole lot more thrash metal than they give themselves credit. The band's speed and barrage of instrumentation do elevate the band to grindcore levels, but the rhythm of the guitars and the mid-era Metallica style drumming (the uncalled for normal vocals have to go though) betray a whole lot of thrash influence. Something made all the more obvious by the chugga chugga sounds of Mental Defekt or the patented Nuclear Assault riff on No Risk No Fun. All in all fans of death/ grind and thrash (a la Altar) have merely an OK album here. - Ali "The Metallian"