Ecstasy And Danger – 1984 – Mausoleum
Too Hot – 1985 – Mausoleum
Feelings Of Fury – 1987 – Ultraprime

S= Red Star [Marc De Brauwer] – Crossfire, Affair>>Peter De Wint>>Mystery, Affair – JOSEY HINDRIX
G= White Shark [Rudy Vercruysse] – The Rag>>Sphinx [Hans Van De Kerckhove]>>Jelly Jam, Run 4 H – June Martins>>Hermetic Brotherhood – Ghiribizzi>>Dario Frodo>>Thorium
B= Bronco [Marnix Van De Kauter] – Sylvain Cherotti>>Hermetic Brotherhood – Pierre Villafranca>>Malacalle – Stripe>>Thorium
D= Hermetic Brotherhood, Trash, Shell Shock>>GRIZZLY [MARIO PAUWELS]>>Hermetic Brotherhood, Trash, Shell Shock
K= Kris Taerwe>>Mystery

The early power metal band first existed between 1979 and 1988. The band reappeared in 2002 and then reformed in 2010.
The band had demos in 1981 and 1983. Early singer was Luc Minne. He was asked to leave due to unsuitable vocals. Marc replaced him. White Shark joined in 1982. Mausoleum signed the band and issued the Full Moon’s Eyes EP in 1983. This EP was intended to be a demo by the band and was self-recorded. Mausoleum Records heard the rough tracks on a local radio show. Ostrogoth opened the first edition of Heavy Sound Festival in 1983. Other bands on the bill were Viva, Golden Earring and Anvil. The band had appeared on a split EP with Killer and Crossfire, called If It’s Loud, We’re Proud, in 1983. Peter De Wint of Crossfire took over the vocals in 1987. He was heard on Feelings Of Fury. Marnix had left. Sphinx followed him out of the door to focus on his job and studies. June Martins was Brazilian. With the band on ice and a revolving line-up a split was inevitable. Three members founded another Brotherhood. Hermetic Brotherhood had an instrumental album. An Ostrogoth/Killer split record was issued in 2003. It was called Mausoleum: The Official 20th Anniversary Concert Album.
The reformed band was playing shows in Europe in 2014. The band was original members Rudy "White Shark" Vercruysse on guitar and Mario "Grizzly" Pauwels on drums alongside singer Josey Hindrix, guitarist Dario Frodo and bassist Stripe, who replaced Marnix "Bronco" Van de Kauter. Last Tribe Standing was a 2015 EP. It featured live tracks recorded during a 2014 tour. Josey Hindrix was the singer since 2012.
Sphinx died in 1989. White Shark died in 2015. Benito Boccasile was the concert guitarist in 2019.
The Ostrogoths were the ‘eastern goths’ whose kingdom coincided with the Roman Empire. Oddly, their kingdom did not include modern day Belgium.