Expectational Dilution – 1994 – Endless Fight
Fight Ambition To Kill – 1997 - Edison

S= Frenzy, Shadows Fall, Death Ray Vision, Metal All Stars, Downpour>>BRIAN FAIR>>Shadows Fall, Death Ray Vision, Metal All Stars, Downpour
G= Bloodwitch, Seemless, Killswitch Engage, Burn The Witch, Death Ray Vision>>PETE CORTESE>>Bloodwitch, Seemless, Killswitch Engage, Burn The Witch, Death Ray Vision – SCOTT MCCOOE
B= Killswitch Engage, Death Ray Vision>>MIKE D’ANTONIO>>Killswitch Engage, Death Ray Vision

Boston, USA-based Overcast came together in 1991 and was heard on the 1991 Feel The Pain demo and 1992 7” EP Bleed Into One, which was issued by the obscure Edison Recordings. Demo 1993 preceded Expectational Dilution. The band and Converge issued a split single in 1995. The band members switched over to Killswitch Engage (formed by D’Antonio) and Shadows Fall when Overcast splintered after an unsuccessful tour with Shai Hulud and Disembodied in 1998, but of course returned in 2006 to play at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival and in 2008 re-recorded a bunch of old songs for Metal Blade. Another compilation was called Only Death Is Smiling and was issued by Bullet tooth in 2015.

Death Ray Vision is a crossover project of the members. Overcast is considered an early metalcore band.


Several of the members of Overcast went on to enjoy more success in Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall. Why would they need to revisit Overcast? Having done so, why would they rerecord older material instead of brining creativity to the table? Nothing beats the originals. Ask Iron Maiden, Exodus or Testament.
Overcast is a genuine crossover band representing a mix of heavy and thrash metal with honest hardcore riffs and shouted vocals for something that is merely OK, never bad and always shy of spectacular. The attitude of old hardcore exists here, and vocalist Brian Fair compounds it, although a metal fan can easily find himself satisfied here too. Just listen for the Slayer riffs upon album’s opening.
Old fans or curious Killswitch Fall fans - does that explain the release of the album by band and Metal Blade? - will either discover their favourite bands’ earlier outfit or delight in the presence of two hitherto unreleased tracks, namely the title track and Root Bound Apollo. The forecast for the reformed band, however, and its auto-covers album is overcast. - Ali “The Metallian”