Conscience – 1987 – Heavy Discos
You’re Really Big – 1989 – Cogumelo
Addicted To Reality – 1990 - Cogumelo
Circus Of Death – 1992 – Cogumelo
Progress Of Decadence – 1993 – Cogumelo
Scars – 1995 - Cogumelo

Overdose image

Eletrika>>CLAUDIO DAVID>>Eletrika – Hell’s Punch>>SERGIO CICHOVICZ>>Hell’s Punch

Sagrado Inferno>>Fernando Pazzini>>Sagrado Inferno – Eddie Weber – Perpetual

Helio Eduardo – D.E.T.H., Eminence>>Andre Marcio>>Eminence, D.E.T.H., The Unabomber Files – Tormento>>HEITOR SILVA>>Tormento

History & Biography
The band becomes Overdose after briefly flirting with another monicker in 1983. The Belo Horizonte-based group disbanded in 1997 before inevitably reforming in 2008 and again in 2016. The act was first heard in the underground courtesy of 1983’s Ultima Estrela demo. Cogumelo Records put the band on a split record with Sepultura in 1985. This material was re-issued as Seculo XX in 1990. Sepultura’s first concert was ‘opening’ for Overdose even though they played after the more established band. Sepultura guitarist Tormentor would join Overdose in the late ‘90s and singer Bozo would design the Sepultura ‘S’ logo later. Despite all this the two bands would sling mud at each other for a while.

The group was founded by Claudio and borrowed musicians from Sagrado Inferno. Heavy Discos of Brazil would distribute the band’s independent debut full-length however. You’re Really Big disappointed with a hired hand playing keyboards. Cichovicz joined in time for Circus Of Death making the band a dual guitar one. The thrashy band became groovier and trendier in the ‘90s. Overdose toured US and Europe and opened for Skid Row, Machine Head and others including a gig at Dynamo Festival in 1995. The band also appeared on Brazilian television in 1995. The group was heard on the Brazilian Steel – The Metal Survivors Volume I compilation in 2018. The band had played at the Bloco Dos Camisa Preta festival in 2017.